October 2014

Hour 6 — Read so Hard


“Read so hard I’m J K Rowling!” Okay, I’m not J K Rowling, just Amanda from Fig and Thistle, but I am reading so hard (and in a library).  How many books have you finished? How many cups of coffee? How many energy drinks? Let’s keep going strong; we are about a quarter of the way through Read-a-thon!

I’d like to give a shout-out to the baddest book b*tches I know, Andi and Heather. These ladies have put so much dedication, organization, and hard work into making Read-a-thon so much fun. We couldn’t do this without their passion for books and reading fueling this event. We love you, Andi and Heather!


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18 thoughts on “Hour 6 — Read so Hard”

  1. So far only read one. The second one will probably last for at least another 5 hours, being massive victorian novel Bleak House.
    Just two cups of tea so far.

  2. You are so brave to tackle a large Dickens tome during readathon. I adore Dickens and Bleak House is my absolute favorite. Enjoy!

  3. Love the videos. I am just starting so I have a bit of catching up to do. Thank you to Andi and Heather for all you do organizing the Read-a-thon! And a special thank you to all the cheerleaders and hosts! You all are the best! I look forward to the Read-a-thon!

  4. Still too distracted to read. D: Need to set a time today to attempt the two books on my list before I drown in studying for tests Mon/Tues.

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