October 2017

Hour 6 – Caffeine and Socializing!

Hello everyone and welcome to the 6th Hour! How are you all doing? My name is Rachel Noel and I’ll be your co-host for the next 3 hours. This is my first time as a co-host. Please be merciful!

I live in the Eastern Time Zone so it’s about lunchtime for me. A good time to get up, stretch the legs, get some more caffeine and do some socializing! Whatever timezone you’re in, you can’t forget to get up and move around every now and then. I speak from experience. One Read-A-Thon I nearly fell after getting off the couch because I hadn’t realized my foot had gone to sleep! Reading can be hazardous to your health if you’re not careful. Either that or I’m just that klutzy. ^_^


But enough of the Caution Tape, let’s not forget that having fun is the high priority! I know I purposefully avoid books that I’m certain are going to bring me down because I want to have all the energy. I’m talking Pinkie Pie on Monster Drinks kind of energy! But you can’t always predict when a book is going to energize or drain you. If you do end up reading one that empties your energy tanks, don’t be afraid to take a break. The Read-A-Thon will be here for you!


Don’t forget to partake in the Mini-Challenges that we still have going! 


May your books be always 5 out of 5 and your mug never empty!



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  1. I’m trying to participate in as many mini-challenges as I can this year- what is the Thrills and Chills mini-challenge?


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