October 2016

Hour 6 – Out in the Daylight!


Hey there, friends! It’s Andi from Estella’s Revenge hosting in the daylight for once! I usually host hours 18-20 (and no exception this year), but I also had a chance to come out a little early and visit with y’all!

While it’s morning for me, I’m keenly aware that it may be the dead of night where you’re reading. How about a dance to wake you up?

Now get back to reading you crazy kids! But first, tell me your favorite song or dance scene from any movie!


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17 thoughts on “Hour 6 – Out in the Daylight!”

  1. Favorite song to dance to: Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen. I love the dance scene with Ducky singing Try a Little Tenderness in Pretty in Pink. He’s the only one dancing, but I love it. The end of Footloose is a great one too!

  2. The scene in Cameron Crowe’s Almost Famous where the entire tour bus sings along to Elton John’s Tiny Dancer. The emotional tone of the scene does a complete 180 in just a few minutes of music, absolutely no dialogue. Amazing.

  3. I’m not really into dancing, but my favourite dance in a movie would be in the Antonio Banderas movie (don’t know the english title. He’s ballroom dance instructor and teaches the kids that are in detention). The tango tournament in the end, where Sasha is dancing with both boys. THAT’s just a great choreography.

    And my favourite song that is dancable is probably the Tourdion, a song played by many, usually used for market dances on a rennaissance fair.

  4. My favorite movie dance? Dick Van Dyke and the Penguins Dance in “Mary Poppins. 👍🏻👍🏻🐧

  5. Haha that was great! My favorite isn’t a movie but a TV show – Buffy! The episode where they burst into song and dance the whole episode is great – Once More with Feeling! Love it 🙂

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