Hello!  Welcome back!  It’s still me, Sheila from Book Journey bringing you through the next hour, that being hour 6.  In my little corner of the world it is lunch time, and as long as I am thinking about food, have you checked out my mini challenge Book Appetite?  This is the final hour to participate in that one so pop on over and give it a go. 😀

So what can we do for fun here?

I know… I am totally GEEKING over that movie Pitch Perfect and if you have not seen it go and rent it – but not today – you are READING.  If you have seen it I hope you agree that it is a fun movie!  I think I have seen it about 12 times.

Is that wrong? 😯

This song clip is Party In The USA, but of course this read a thon is more like party in the world!!!  Any hoo… this is for you AWESOME READ A THONERS!!!


Love that.  See the movie.


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Tami at Just One More Thing

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You go girls!!!  Keep the book party going!


Awesome Cheerleader Winner(s)




Keep going awesome readers!  I am picking up a book myself this hour…. and perhaps a sandwich… and a Diet Dr Pepper…. mmmmmm


9 thoughts on “Hour 6 – BOOK PARTY IN THE WORLD!”

  1. I just saw “Pitch Perfect” recently and really enjoyed it too! I loved Anna Kendrick’s audition with the cups song, as well as the Treblemakers cover of “Magic” at the end.

  2. I didn’t think I would like this movie but it was so much fun, I loved it. Rebel Wilson was so funny and I love the cup song.

  3. I would love to learn the cups routine! I think it was the music for me too… high energy!!!

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