April 2011, readathon

Hour 6

6th hour

It’s Hour 6 so yet another one down and pounding away at the ones we still have ahead. Please make sure you keep up with regular eye rests and snacks and drinks 😀

It is so great to see people are all over the read-a-thon on Twitter and Facebook – how amazing! Everyone is doing so well, keep it up – you know you can do it, i know you can do it! Read, read, readdddd!
Yet another hour packed with fabulous things going on


Book Boyfriend Matchmaker over at The Unread Reader run by Missie – when the winner is announced later please contact Missie as she will be providing a prize via Book Depository

Winners Announced

Now there are two wonderful readers who are going for gold in the name of charity and their names are:

Laura @ Devouring Texts – reading for Children’s Cancer


Elizabeth W. – reading for NY Public Library

Also The Collaborative Fiction challenge hosted by Tracy has come to an end and the winners are as follows:


Contact 1330vblog at gmail to claim a prize from the fabulous prize list!

Still Ongoing

Also to remind you that there are some challenges that are coming to an end shortly so go ahead and squeeze in your chances:

– Book Puzzle at One Librarian’s Book Reviews hosted by Melissa – the winners for this challenge will be announced on Hour 7 – Good Luck!

– Oldies but Goodies over at A Literary Odyssey run by Allie – the winners for the is mini challenge will be announced in hour 8. Good Luck!

Yet another hour down and you are all still going 😀 Well done!

Well that is all from me at this hour and ill be back soon!

Good luck and HAPPY READING!

Faye (aka Young1)



23 thoughts on “Hour 6”

  1. A quarter way down! Keep it up everyone. 🙂 And I can’t wait to do the mini-challenge.

  2. Great mini challenge, but to bad for me I haven’t read all the books and can’t match the boyfriends to the girls..LOL. Oh well, more reading time, right..lol

  3. The first 6 hours flew by; I think the last 6 will be hard since that will be the wee hours of the morning for me, but I say BRING…IT…ON!! Lol!

    Happy Reading Everyone!!

  4. FInally I have time to really start!

    No matter how early I tell people I will not be available on this date, real life always takes a bunch of my attention on read-a-thon days.

    White Queen, here I come!

  5. So far Sara Gruen has created an amazing story line in “Water for Elephants”. Jacob proves a strong character, losing his entire family and still finding the strength to live. He has just been adopted by the circus! More to come later!

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