October 2010

Hour 6

Hello all! How are you holding up so far? Any great books read in the first six hours? I can hardly believe we’re already to hour six, but here we are! Keep up the great reading and if you have a second don’t forget to check out the great mini-challenge for this hour as well as the ones still on-going!

Feel free to ask any questions, I’m here to help!
-Your new fearless leader, Danielle!


This hours mini-challenge is hosted by Shesten at I Heart Monster! A great challenge for those writers out there, all you need to do is tell me a story in 100 words or less! One winner will be drawn for a book of their choice from Book Depository up to $15!

Winners announced

The winner from the Back-in-the-Day Children’s Book Challenge hosted by Elizabeth at Miss Wisabus was #122 Kate at Read This Book!. Elizabeth will be in touch with you very soon, congratulations!

Still ongoing

Indie Pride

Show Me the Books

21 thoughts on “Hour 6”

  1. holding up well, keep getting distracted by doing too many things though! The time is flying by, I can’t believe it’s hour 6 already too! I’ve finished one book, and almost halfway through another, currently reading Visions of Sugar Plums by Janet Evanovich, Stephanie Plum is always a hoot!

  2. Since I am only going to be able to do 12 hours, I decided to start at noon. Here I go!! The first book:

    The Coldest Winter Ever by Sister Souljah

    How is it going for everyone so far????

  3. This may be covered somewhere else; but I don’t know where to look. What minute does the hour change on? For instance, it’s 1:05 p.m.; and I was expecting the page to change from hour 6 to hour 7. Thanks.

  4. Hi! I just started 15 minutes ago (it is only 2:15 here!) and I’m also cooking, so I’m only 10 pages down, BUT!! I plan to read AT LEAST the 1000 pages. <3

  5. Woke up early. Read. Dozed. Now got my coffee and I ready to go! I feel like I fell behind in the race. Jumped out early, then fizzled. OKAY, I’m kicking it in. Voooommmm.

  6. Right I’ve logged 6 hours of reading and now breaking for dinner and to watch the Culture Show’s Man Booker episode.

    I am loving ‘Parrot and Olivier in America’. It certainly isn’t hard work as I’ve heard from some.

    So in the 6 hours, I’ve logged 333 pages.

  7. I decided to pop in every six hours rather than as I finish every book. Started on time and have now finished.

    LAST NIGHT I SANG TO THE MONSTER by Benjamin Alire Saenz
    This story about a young man learning to deal with the demons within and without was recommended to me by a librarian and well worth the time. 239 pgs.


    The story of a man who has a portrait of himself which ages in place of him. This story brings up many ethical and sociological questions, I am glad to have finally read it through. 218 pgs.

    This is one of the classics for my own 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die challenge at : http://roseanns1kbookchallenge.blogspot.com/ I am way behind on this blog, so I am glad to hopefully add a few during the read-a-thon.

    So, at six hours in my totals are:

    2 books and 457 pages read

    Good luck to everyone!

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