October 2014

Hour 5 – Prance Your Way Through!


Hi all and welcome to hour 5! This is Amanda from Fig and Thistle and I will be your cohost for the next few hours. How are we all doing?

I know it is only hour five and many of you are going strong, BUT don’t forget to move your booty. Sitting for too many hours will result in a stiff neck, tired eyes, and a sore rump. So stand up, stretch, drink some water, and PRANCE!

I’d like to thank our cheerleaders who are busy motivating us to prance ourselves through our read-a-thon stacks.


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13 thoughts on “Hour 5 – Prance Your Way Through!”

  1. That’s frustrating! It looks like you are doing a great job. I saw that you only finished one book, but that’s awesome! This is for fun. I recommend you take a break and take a nap. Honestly, we all take sleep breaks and can enjoy reading better when we’ve rested. Keep up the great work!

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