Hour 5 – Pants Optional

Hey y’all! This is Elizabeth from and I’ll be co-hosting for the next couple of hours. Got any questions? Feel free to comment here or tweet us @readathon and I will do my very best to help you!

Can I be 100% honest with you? This has always been one of my favorite hours of the readathon. You’ve got a few hours under your belt, enough time to make a serious dent in a book or two, or maybe you’ve even finished your first title. All is right with the world! (I get slightly less enthusiastic about 12 hours from now.) If you are starting to get a little weary from reading, check out the mini-challenges below. These are sure to give your brain a little jiggle and set you back on track. Melissa’s Book Puzzles are so fun!

What fabulous stories have you finished so far? (Don’t forget to update our database!) That’s the part that really gets me — how many stories come to life on a day like this? It’s incredible!

You know who else gets really excited about story time? Coco. She does not, however, get a thrill out of wearing pants. Lucky for you this is Read-a-Thon and pants are optional.



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29 thoughts on “Hour 5 – Pants Optional”

  1. I am feeling really good this hour! I’m halfway through my first book and I’ve got my raspberry cheesecake yogurt! And my mom just made me some spinach pizza for lunch later! 😀

    And my puppies have finally joined me!

  2. Indeed the best hour! Haven’t finished a book yet though, for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to start with a 500 pages English (not my first language) novel haha. No but really, that was a good idea, I’m loving the book! (Fangirl)

  3. Loved the video AND I won a prize! I’m reading slower than molasses on a cold day with lots of bird and squirrel watching in-between, but it is absolutely lovely.

  4. I sadly fell asleep after hour 2. 🙁 I’m just not a morning person and even caffeine couldn’t save me. I did manage to finish an already-started book before falling asleep and I’m raring to go now!

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