Hour 5 – Get up and move it move it!

Hi all!  Sheila from Book Journey here.  Can you even believe it is hour 5 already?  Have you been taking breaks?  That’s what the mini breaks we post each hour is for…. just to keep you from dozing off to early and drooling all over over your book. 

I am only thinking of you.  And… ummmm… the book. 😛

So…..  I found a little video to get you hopping so please indulge me and turn your speakers up on your computers LOUD and jam out with me for a couple minutes…. Ready?  And go!


Whew!  YEAH!  That was awesome right?  Oh yeah I seen you, you way in the back… yes YOU!  You have some moves.



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Denise at So Many Books, So Little Time

Shan at Curled Up With A Good Book And A Cup Of Tea

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Catch you next hour!  Let me know how you are rocking the books!!!

13 thoughts on “Hour 5 – Get up and move it move it!”

  1. I somehow keep ending up with a different book in my hand – all one’s I’ve already read, too, even though I have a massive TBR pile.

    Happy hour five!

  2. New post, 4 hours and 43 minutes into the #readathon.
    Just finished Voodoo Wave by Mark Kriedler. Twizzlers and Cheese balls at my side I barreled through it on occasion Twittering and taking breaks on YouTube to check out some of the events I was reading about. Great book even though, as a general rule, I have zero interest in surfing, it does make for addicting reading..

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