April 2017

Hour 5 – The Bob Ross of Readathon Hours

Hi hi hello! This is Emily from Books, the Universe and Everything, and I am your host for the next two hours. I hope you’ll stop by to say hello to me over on the Readathon account on Twitter. My special areas of interest are: Muggles, tacos, Kurt Vonnegut, the Shire, social justice non-fiction, and cheese. 

Hour five is feeling real good, isn’t it? You’ve settled in, your reading spot of choice is probably molded to your bottom by now, you’ve entered some mini-challenges, you’ve broken into the snacks (possibly several times), and best of all: you’re in your happy place—reading.

In my humble opinion, hour five is the Bob Ross of Readathon hours. It’s peaceful and relaxing because you’re in control of your day. You can read any book in your Readathon stack, or pull a wildcard down from the shelves! You can open all the snacks at once, or drink more coffee than is normally advisable. Whatever makes you happy, you can do it. You can feel joyful and free, because today is set aside for doing the thing you love best: reading!

Now go on, joyful Readathoners, be free! Let hour five be the hour you read whatever your heart tells you to read next!

(And if you want to make my day even better, tell me how you’re channeling Bob Ross during hour 5 in the comments.) 

“Any way you want it to be, that’s just right.” – Bob Ross


Six Word Story

Still Going

The Meet-Up



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