October 2016

Hour 5 – Take Care of Yourself!



Hi there! Heather back to check on you lovely readers! How many books have you read? How many snacks have you ate? Did you get up and stretch a bit? Rest your eyes? As you grab book after book after book, remember to pace yourselves! We have a long way to go!


A Puzzling Read

Book and Snack Challenge

Bookish Other Half

Prize Winners


Bryan from Still Unfinished


Now you can celebrate the Readathon year-round with Dewey’s swag! We use the earnings to cover charges associated with prize shipping, customs charges, and domain costs. 

Enter your finished books into the DATABASE!

6 thoughts on “Hour 5 – Take Care of Yourself!”

  1. I am on my second book, and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a diary ‘written’ by a medieval fourteen-year-old called Catherine, and it is hilarious!

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