Hour 5: A Glamorous Readathon



 It’s Courtney from Stiletto Storytime here. And I am happily going to be your guide through all things readathon for the next three hours.  For those of you who have never been to my blog my tag line has always been “Just like stilettos, reading is always in style.” My blog name came from my early days as a librarian when everyone would tease me about wearing stilettos while I did storytime. Apparently this was not the norm but I’m a girly girl and just because I was sitting behind a reference desk did not mean I could not be glamorous. And so I thought I would go back to my roots and inject a little va-va-voom into your reading for Hour 5.

There are many tips that are discussed by us all pre-readathon. You’ve seen snacking suggestions, stay awake secrets and book choice strategies all shared in the last few days. But what about making readathon a little glam & fabulous? Here are a few little snippets to consider for making readathon simply fabulous…who said reading can’t be sexy?

  • I’m a bubble bath girl and nothing makes me happier that a big tub of fragrant bubbles and a good book. So if you need a change of location…ever consider the bath tub? I always stock bath goodies for readathon. For relaxation try lavender and to stay awake something fresh. My favorites are LUSH’s French Kiss and Green bath bubble bars.
  • Wear something that makes you feel beautiful. Even if it’s your favorite pajamas…work it!
  • Whether it’s a glass of wine, a cup of tea or a plate of munchies…make your snacking a little special. That favorite mug, a pretty but seldom used china plate or even a sprig of flowers on the side. Make it special.

So what do you do or will you do to make your reading stylish?


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34 thoughts on “Hour 5: A Glamorous Readathon”

  1. Love your glam suggestions — it’s silly, but even when lounging around at home, I like to have my earrings and other jewelry on. I’m wearing discreet little hoops and a necklace for today’s readathon — nothing too fancy — but it makes me feel less like a schlub!

  2. Hello Courtney!

    I think that the most glamorous thing I did today, as I intend not to leave my room, was to actually brush my hair… Hehehehe 😛

  3. I’ll definitely be taking a book into the bathtub later in the read-a-thon. Although, not too late since I don’t want to fall asleep in the tub! I’ve got some special lavender oil to make it special though. Thanks for hosting.

  4. CaroG, the host had pre-scheduled and it didn’t go! She pushed it through at the last minute. Crisis averted! 😀

  5. I love reading while sipping tea from my china teacup and eating something “fancy” like biscotti (I’ve tried croissants, but they crumble all over the book). I sure wish I could match Marilyn for reading glamour though – I love her full make-up in this photo!

  6. Sorry for the mini-challenge link not working immediately but we have an AMAZING team and it’s up now!

  7. I changed over from a boring top to a nice colorful one with a (gray) open cardigan over it. Looks so much better! My main claim to glam is my beautiful book – The Circle by Dave Eggers. It’s a beauty to look at and when you take off the cover, the hardback underneath is something to write home about. Yes, it is! Since I’m already home, I write about it here. 😉

    Have fun hosting, Courtney.

  8. Audra- I love it! I feel glam when I actually do my hair when reading in jammies…having curls fall over the page does it for me every time! Love it! I’ll try wearing some diamonds today with my PJs!

  9. Courtney — I also share your love of Lush products especially — my wife used to work there and got us both hooked. I’m not always wild about reading in the bath — I hate getting my books wet! — but I might try it today for the novelty!

  10. I like your style, Courtney!

    Apologies to those who clicked through and couldn’t reach my mini-challenge. Of course a scheduled post wouldn’t publish when I needed it to. All should be working now!

  11. I love LUSH products…my son needs to have only the cleanest products due to an inability to detoxify. I love having bath and body products that are so natural.

  12. Put a face mask on earlier and took a shower – feeling nice and refreshed now 🙂
    Next I think I’ll take a mini break from reading to have lunch. Something fancy maybe…..

  13. No Problems Elizabeth! And Spamantha…glam is all about attitude when you get down to it. How you feel! – I am sure you are rocking it!

  14. I wish I had a big bathtub, a bubble bath sounds really good… What I do when I am bored and probably would do it later on the readathon to keep alert and awake is do a full make-up transformation on myself… It’s fun and it keeps me focused, and it’s glam! 🙂

  15. Steph- You make me want to slather my face in cold cream and top it off with cucumbers on the eyes! All while listening to an e-book of course. 😉

  16. Thanks for the mini-challenge Elizabeth! Posting on a time frame like this is always anxiety producing…getting working posts up on the dot while hosting always is a little nail biting but SO worth it!

  17. Love this! 🙂 I looooove reading in the bath, and I like to still have my jewelry & glasses on. Love reading while I drink wine too.

    I’m at work now, so not very glammed up, but once I get home I’m going to throw on some cute jeans & a shirt – reading when I’m dressed in going-out clothes instead of pj’s helps keep me awake 😉

  18. I just wanted to say I love reading the entries for the blackout poetry challenge. I’m too busy right now getting glammed up (by showering – hehe) to try it right now, but I will definitely take the time to play around with it in the near future.

    Thanks Elizabeth!

  19. Thorougly enjoying a chicken bacon ranch sub, watching my dog (who is waiting patiently on the floor beside me, because she knows I will cave eventually), and my cat (who walks right up to the keyboard and will take some if I give her the teensiest opening).

  20. Wearing my comfy capris and a Philmont Scout Ranch t-shirt today… sipping pumpkin spice tea and eating gluten free shortbread. YUM! That is my afternoon while reading

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