Hour 5

I’m curious: when you’re reading for this long, how often do you change positions? Do you change rooms? Obviously you change positions as the hours wear on, but what about right now?

Speaking of positions, don’t forget to stretch!

I’m now passing the torch to Danielle, who I KNOW is more alert than I am…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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20 thoughts on “Hour 5”

  1. I change positions quite often. I move when the mood of the novel changes as well, or when I actually notice that I’ve been sitting in the same position for a long time (usually from a sore body part). I guess I move in some way about every 5-10 minutes, unless I’m really enthralled in the book, then it might be every half hour or so.

    I change rooms as the lighting changes. Right now, that’s not an issue, because it’s really bright and I’m in a room filled with flourescent lights, but as the day wears on, I’ll move to different spots in the room or to different rooms all together.

  2. I end up moving every hour or so. I have five or six places to read, ranging from a nest of pillows and blankets on the floor to the kitchen table. As long as I keep shifting (usually when I get up to check in here!), I’m ok.

  3. I’ve been on the couch and on my child’s bed. I’ve also changed positions on those places, from sitting up, to laying down, on my side, with leg propped up etc. I change positions all the time!

  4. Thanks, Trish: you’ve done a great job! And welcome, Danielle! I’m not shifting positions as often as I should, so that’s a helpful reminder. I keep hoping it will be warm enough to shift to the front porch for some reading, but this autumn morning, though bright and beautiful, is taking its time warming up in Toronto, so I’m still cozied on the couch. Thanks to the cheerleaders and hosts and organizers and supporters: Happy Read-A-Thon-ing all!

  5. Great job Trish!

    I have a great, comfy couch in the home office that makes shifting less common than it is in other locations. I probably need to move more, but I’m hoping the coffee refills count as stretching. So far, I’ve only come close to stepping on the cat once, though if I keep walking to the coffee pot with a book in my hand it might easily happen again!

  6. Thanks for all the work and encouragement so far, leaders!

    We get up about every hour to walk around–right now we have been just laying down to read as we are still sleepy!

  7. I’m in a studio apartment, so I don’t have very many options. Sometimes I move to the kitchen table and read while having a snack, but it’s only about three steps away from where I am now. :p

  8. At the moment I’m lying on my back on my bed. But I’m chatting to some people online, so every ten minutes or so I get up and sit. Every now and then I have a walk round to see my housemates, too.

    Other positions I’ve been reading in:
    -Reclining on one elbow, but that makes my shoulder hurt.
    Cobra pose.
    -Back against the headboard, sitting up.
    -Sitting on the sofa downstairs, leaning down over my heavy heavy book in my lap.
    -Sitting on my desk chair, ditto.
    -Sitting on the edge of my bed.

  9. I’ve switched rooms once already to be closer to my computer 🙂

    One trick to get me moving is I’m doing laundry, so every time the dryer bings it reminds me to get up and move. Also, potty and food breaks are good excuses to move.

  10. woot woot!!! Congrats to all the winners and yay for us readers!!!

    I seem to move just about every hour, but so far I’ve been in my own bedroom since it is pretty late here. I move from computer chair to bed to reading chair to bed…oh to wherever I am most comfortable at the moment!!!

    HAPPY readings!!!

  11. Other than necessary nature calls I’ve left my spot on the bed propped by pillows only once since 5am and that was the only time I took the book with me–to stand beside the coffee maker in the kitchen reading until there was enough in the pot to fill my 16oz covered cup. That was at 7am.

    I’m hoping I’ll be able to sit outside this afternoon but there is a chance of rain so…

    Meanwhile I sit here with a board across my thighs that holds a book easel which by turns holds the 762 page book or my netbook. Maybe once I finish this chunkster and can pick up something slimmer, it will make sense to shift positions or locations more often tho I also need to consider light source as the only one that matches or beats the LED lamp I’m using in or around this house is Mother Nature’s own.

    I’m estimating 4 more hours with Barbara Kingsolver’s The Lacuna if I keep this pace and my eyes hold out. if my eyes rebel though I will switch to the audio of Stockette’s The Help and maybe crochet bookmarks while I listen.

    Kudos, bows, applause, hugs and kisses to all the cheerleaders. And to you, Trish for all your efforts.

    Read with Joy

  12. Mostly I’ve just been chillin’ on the couch, but I do get up occasionally to grab a muffin or play with the kitten. 🙂 Keeps the muscles moving.

    Thanks for everything so far!!

  13. I’ve been switching positions, following the sun around the house. Soon I’ll move out on to the front porch or to the back yard 😉

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