Hour 4

This is a reminder that when you sign the Mr. Linky, please make sure you’re linking to the post where you participate in that challenge. For example, for the Introduction Meme, make sure your link is to the post on your blog where you answered those questions. Thank you!

This hour we’d like you to go visit a few readers. We’ve randomly picked three readers to be Readers of the Hour. Please pay visits to:


This will only be open for Hour 4. At the beginning of Hour 6, we’ll draw a name randomly from the people commenting on Rhinoa’s, Anna’s, and Lissa’s most recent entries. The winners will receive:

  1. One book of winner’s choice from the prize list.
  2. A commemorative bookmark made by Literate Housewife.

In the next hour we’ll announce the winner of the Introduction Meme.

Still happening:

Bart’s mini-challenge (this challenge is going through to the end of Hour 5)

Jodie’s mini-challenge (this is the last hour for this challenge!)

5 thoughts on “Hour 4”

  1. Just did this Hour 4 mini-challenge and posted a link below to my post…I included the information about this challenge at the end of the post I linked to in the first update.

  2. sorry for the double comment. perhaps i may be comfused since this post was posted in between hour four and five? sorry…

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