October 2011, readathon

Hour 4: The Roaring 20s

Okay.  Get up.  Out of your chair.  Stretch!  I mean it.  You need to move to keep your blood flowing and your eyes open!  Push play on this first though ’cause you know what?  I’ll be wishing I was there to see you dance like this!

I’m handing the reins over to Lyndsey now and going to take a nap.  But I’ll be back later.  Watch out for me this evening, and Rock This ‘Thon, Yo!

Mini-Challenge: State Settings

Still Ongoing: Book Puzzle & Character Pictures

Winners:  To redeem your prize, email us at deweyreadathon-gmail and let us know which prize from the Prize List you’d like to redeem and your mailing address.

Intro Meme:  Kaylee of K-Books Blog, Jemma of Gothalicious, & Kimberly of The Bookie.

Four Random Readers: Teresa of Shelf Love, o of Délaissé, Meghan of Recreational Reading, & Sharlene Feeney who is reading with us from Facebook!


20 thoughts on “Hour 4: The Roaring 20s”

  1. Great video. I feel energized just watching it. I just finished my first book amidst work interruptions and now off to that dreaded work of selecting the next book AFTER I watch the video again. 😛

  2. Cute video! I took a break to eat and check on everyone else. I’m on Book Two and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver. I’m so glad I had this challenge to help me focus on this book. If you are on Twitter, I’m Dorish. I love keeping up with people there too.

  3. Its 11:34 Pm here and I’m feeling the effects of not having proper sleep last night (Ugh! Work! ‘Nuff said)

  4. Still going strong! Sadly, it’s about time for me to start my day here, so I won’t be able to continuously read like I have been, but I’ll be sure to get in a few hours in!

  5. Wow. I can’t believe that I was chosen for a prize. Thank you. I sent an email to gmail.com I hope that was right and not .ca or something.

    Keep reading everyone!! You can do it! Now back to my book!!

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