October 2017

Hour 4 – Set the Scene

Hello there, bookish friends! Kendra here from the Reading Women podcast and BookTube. I’ll be your co-host for the next couple hours.

“Please, Mahm, can I have s’more?”

Congrats on reaching hour 4, readathoners! Just keep flipping those pages.

Let me set the scene for you: I’m here on my couch, surrounded by books while defending my readathon snacks from my always-hungry corgi, Dylan. To me, this is the perfect reading spot. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to marathon reading, I’m all about nesting. There’s nothing like that little slice of comfort that’s just right for launching yourself into the pages of your ideal read. The armchair, the back deck, the library — whatever helps you focus and get reading.

Here in the American South, autumn is still a rumor our friends in the North keep whispering about, so I still have the option of getting a tan while reading on my back porch. Dylan can still toast his little hammies in the sun. It’s pretty much as close to perfect weather as you can get.

Whether you are inside or outside, lounging in an armchair or curled up in blanket on the floor, I hope your reading spot is the perfect spot for you. So tell me about it! Where are you reading from? And what’s your ideal reading set up?

Until next hour. xx


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37 thoughts on “Hour 4 – Set the Scene”

  1. I am also a nester, got comfy pants on, armwarmers in case the hand holding the book outside my blanket gets chilly, dog smacking my in the arm for attention just in case I don’t see him, alexa playing a classical music for reading playlist. All very cozy!

  2. I’m in Wisconsin and it’s supposed to be about 20 degrees warmer than normal, so I’m really wishing I had a hammock to read in outside. I’m currently wrapped up in blankets in bed, but I think I’ll grab a blanket and sit outside this afternoon.

  3. I’m sitting on the chaise part of my couch with a warn blanket on, since it’s winter-lite in New York City already. My partner is sitting next to me playing video games. We’re sipping homemade veggie-fruit smoothies together while I read.

  4. Nesting is key! I am in my living room, there’s a beautiful tree outside my window (in all its pretty fall colours), in my pjs, with a huge blanket that has polar bears on it (sounds quite Canadian eh?), drinking a blueberry smoothie, with my kitten going crazy on cat nip, reading Wives and Daughters by Elizabeth Gaskell. It doesn’t get better than this 🙂

  5. I am crazily nesting in my couch. We’ve already had winter in Montana, but today it’s autumn again. Have my sons on leaf detail so I can read. Books, blankets, and beverages.

  6. Well I’m on the west coast so still in bed! That’s my favorite sport to read under a lovely little throw my mom made for me. I have a pillow a dear friend made for me that I prop up behind me. And a large wi Dow that looks out on a large willow tree.

    I’m the only girl in the house, so I have my own sanctuary from all the maleness in the house – its quiet and no sports are in the television!

  7. Reading in my second bedroom at my desk. NOT my ideal set up, but my husband is gaming in the living room with all the blinds closed 😃 My ideal set up would be a cozy, quiet, little room all to myself, with plenty of windows overlooking a lush, private garden. Hey, I can dream!

  8. I like to best as well I have my comfy jeans on I’m nice comfy long sleeve shirt and my two baby’s (my Cat Wayland and my Dog Cricket ) to cuddle with me in my bed whatcha I’ve pile high with pillows

  9. I’m on my couch, wearing cozy pants and cozy socks, and I have my cousin joining me for the weekend! So nice to do a readathon with a reading buddy!

  10. I am crazily nesting on my couch. We’ve already had winter in Montana, but today it’s autumn again. Have my sons on leaf detail so I can read. Books, blankets, and beverages.
    That’s cozily. Sheesh, autocorrect!

  11. I am on my bed surrounded by readathon books. It is foggy here in Italy so perfect reading weather. Covered with a blanket and snacks nearby

  12. I’m in Las Vegas, where it is currently just 59 degrees (and sunny, as usual) but will reach about 75 today. That’s the closest we’ve come to a fall temperature so far… it’s been mostly in the 80s, with some 90s here and there. Looks like the forecast for this coming week is 80s and 90s again!

    I’m reading indoors at the moment, but I could definitely be convinced to sit out on the patio in a little while… it is a gorgeous day.

  13. I’m currently sitting on my couch, wrapped in a blanket with my little kitten snuggled in my neck. I couldn’t ask for a better readathon setting!

  14. I’m a nester too. I’m still in my PJs, on the couch, surrounded by my three dogs (small dogs). I have my coffee next to me and a pillow by my side to rest my arm on. I might move outside or to the bedroom later, but my favorite spot, by far, is here on the couch.

  15. It’s currently 74 degrees outside so it’s probably the perfect weather for reading outside but since I don’t want to deal with the bugs I’m currently reading in bed. My favorite reading spot would probably be an oversized living chair (which I don’t own yet) that I could curl up in and read for hours.

  16. 1.)Sweatshirt and sweatpants
    2.)Chaise Lounge
    3.)Listening to Audible
    4.)3 Dogs laying around
    5.)Tea and Water(gotta stay hydrated)
    6.)Soon to be comfy socks

    Breakfast is on its way:)

  17. I’m currently in a bubble bath and a candle nearby. I used a bath bomb that looked like Jack Skellington and I’m munching on goldfish crackers. I also have a sheet mask ready for when I get out.

  18. My ideal is in the recliner, under a pile of cozy blankets, cuddling with my cats and/or my daughter. It’s where I’ve been for the past hour or so. However, the kiddo is fussing she must eat and I have a “lunch time” meeting with another troop leader to plan a scout event so soon we will be off to an area restaurant that has a play place. After my meeting I might get some reading done while the child continues to play or we may move on to a new location for some outdoor reading if the weather isn’t too brisk this morning.

  19. I am half lying half sitting (its the most comfy position) on my bed with pillows around me while my sister tries to disrupt me with her loud television. My ideal place would be me on my bean bag with my legs over the edge of my couch, but sadly we had to give away the bean bag.

  20. My reading spot is right beside my bedroom window, where I am keeping one eye on my book and the other eye on the frisky cat, chasing lizards, and my pair of sweaty children, chasing each other in the front yard. It is a lovely day!

  21. Here in Ohio, Autumn is settling in. I’m holed up in my craft room with my doggo, books, coffee and the occasional cat. The window is open to let in the cool breeze and the autumny Forrest smell you get when you live out in the woods.

  22. I love cafes with comfy chairs. It drives my coffee obsessed friends insane because I judge where I go based on their seating more than the actual quality of their drinks.

    That said my next 2ish hours will be spent at the laundromat. Not exactly ideal.

  23. I just read outside while walking to book club and back. It’s a gorgeous Autumn (almost summer) day here and the warmth and the fall colours are amazing.

    Now I’ll curl up in my favourite reading chair for the afternoon.

  24. I’m still in my pj’s and plan to wear them all day and night. I started off curled up on the couch, but I’ve moved to my bed (which I call the princess bed because it’s tall and soft and fluffy). I’ve got my fan on and a dog by my side. I’m sure I’ll stay here for a good part of the day.

  25. It’s a chilly, cloudy day in Southern Oregon. I’m curled up under a snuggly fleece blanket with a cat on either side of me and a mug of warm cider next to a stack of books on the end-table.

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