October 2013, readathon

Hour 4 – Feel the Love?

Can you feel it?

This is my third time co-organizing the Readathon with Andi and this year more than ever, I have felt so much love and excitement surrounding this event! You guys ROCK! Dewey would be SO happy and SO proud, I just know it.

This is my last hour as host. Please welcome Courtney and keep having FUN!!! I’ll be over here at my blog if you want to keep it touch and I’ll still be around on Twitter at my account and at the Readathon account if you need any help with anything.

Mini Challenges

Book Spine Poetry from CapriciousReader

Still Ongoing

Book Tunes from River City Reading

A Puzzling Mini-Challenge from Just One More Thing

Door Prize Winners Announced –

E-mail deweyreadathon@gmail.com to claim a prize from the Prize Page!

Kristilyn at Reading in Winter

Crystal at My Reading Room

Cheerleader Winner

Samantha at The Little Munchkin Reader

Update our Books Read database HERE!

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