April 2016

Hour 4 – Where Are You Now?

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Another hour has gone by and once again you are blowing up the twitter-sphere. It is just so great that you are all getting so involved as well as reading up a storm. I am quite interested to see what you guys are getting up to whether it is reading or listening, so leave your titles in the comments below. Sometimes the best place to find new books is a recommendation from someone else so peeps share the love.

The other thing that has been on my mind lately is finding places to read. Personally there is nothing better than being at home in your PJ’s with a steaming cuppa either tucked up in bed or on the sofa with fluffiest blanket you can find. But when you are out and about it can be tough to find a spot to read that is comfortable, quiet and just right. When I was younger I used to be able to zone out in coffee shops as soon as I put my headphones on, now for some reason I find this hard so I am in need of quieter, more settled digs.

Reading Spot

I have been scouring the net to find out what other people think is the perfect reading space and check out the first one. With all of those pillows and blankets as well as being right by the window for maximum light there is the bookcase behind for you to choose your next read and shelf the most recently finished.

Backyard Escapes

This one came from Pinterest and my, my how beautiful is it! Just imagine plotting up in this little hideout with a pot of tea and your latest read. No distractions but the sounds of the birds and leaves rustling! Beautiful right?!

Reading Room

This is one place that I have known about for some time now but I have yet to visit. The Wellcome Museum Reading Room is just beautiful as you can see. Surrounded by all the books you can think of and there is a cafe in the building that serves some delicious coffee and cake for those much needed break times.

Now it’s your turn, where do you read? Let me know in the comments below . . .

This is my last Hour co-hosting peeps but I will be chilling on Twitter for the rest of the day so please do feel free to hit me up!



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138 thoughts on “Hour 4 – Where Are You Now?”

  1. I used to read in bed all the time as a kid and a teenager, and even through college. I think it has something to do with being in my mid-20’s, but reading in bed makes me very sleepy. I have one spot in our living room couch that I have commandeered for reading. When the weather is nice, we have a great backyard so I make the most of that as well. Coffee shops can be too noisy sometimes. Basically, I need to be in a comfortable position to read, and sitting straight up isn’t really reading-conducive. My grad school library was one of my favorite places while I was there, especially during the weekends. FOr some reason, I love reading when commuting on the train/bus. TIme flies.

  2. I can read anywhere I try, the couch, a chair I bought specifically for reading, my car, any waiting room, any public transport, my office. But I always end up back in my cozy bed under my fluffy bedcovers. That’s the best place for me to read.

  3. Favorite place to read is definitely out on my screened porch, especially when it’s raining. I love grabbing a blanket and a cup of tea, curling up in my chair, and reading one of my favorite books. 🙂

    Also, you asked what we were reading – I’m almost finished with When She Woke by Hillary Jordan, and also working through First Test by Tamora Pierce.

  4. I’m currently camped out in our guest room….where the “needs to be folded” laundry mountain lives.

    But I’ll read pretty much anywhere.

  5. Currently sitting at a Panera Bread Listening to my audio book….Eventually I am making my way to Kroger for some snacks and then to see the loser of my brother’s bet at their work….

  6. I’m currently reading on the comfy little chair in the corner of my room! I WAS on my bed, but that’s no good.. It was TOO comfortable and was making me sleepy! So the comfy chair in the corner it is 🙂

  7. I’m either reading on my couch or in my beef. I have grand plans for turning an unused corner in my condo into a reading nook, but need $ for an armchair and bookcases. It will happen one day!!

  8. Reading on my queen size bed with my pit bull cuddled up beside me. Country music on iHeartRadio playing in the background. If it was sunny and 80 and my truck was home I’d be tempted to head to the State Park near the beach or a boat dock. Unfortunately, it’s cloudy and chilly!

  9. Right now I am reading “The First Lady of Fleet Street.” As for places to read, I love a big, comfortable chair in a quiet spot. That is hard to find sometimes, as Panera is too loud but the chairs at my local library are too stiff (no big comfy chairs!) I need to find a new spot soon to go and read.

  10. I just finished the last half of “Every Day” by David Levithan. I can only recommend it to you!!
    Currently I’m still just sitting in my chair, listening to music, but I’m sure I’ll move to my bed some time soon!:D

  11. Last year I had no room to myself for reading, no quiet place to go. So I started waking up early on Sunday mornings and going to a restaurant before doing the Sunday grocery shopping. I’d sit in the booth and read while eating. It was actually very relaxing.

  12. I’m reading The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B, propped up on my couch under a quilt. My coffee keeps going cold because I forget to drink it while I’m reading. I need good back support while reading these days, so I don’t read in bed on on the lawn. I have a comfy leather recliner in my bedroom by the window, and there’s a rocking chair on my porch I like, although today the weather is too cool for that.

  13. Right this moment I am reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan, in the big old armchair in my parents’ house.

    I wish to register a complaint about the mini-challenge: it presumes one is reading FICTION. Presently I am not.

  14. I’m currently reading THE BURIED GIANT by Kazuo Ishiguro, and I’m lying on my couch. I aspire to get a designated reading chair with ottoman, but in the meantime, my couch is pretty comfy.

  15. Right now I’m still reading in bed because I’ve got two napping cats keeping me company and making me feel all cozy!

  16. Point Pleasent Park here in Halifax has amazing views and it’s fairly quiet. I just discovered this amazing look off that’s part of an old fort and has brilliant views of the ocean. I love reading up there.

  17. I love the idea of a place carved out for reading, ie: a closet, under tha stairs, a nook by a window. I’m currently in my bed, because I prefer reading snuggled in a blanket.

  18. I just woke up and am starting now so I’m reading in bed, but the majority of the day I’m going to spend reading in coffee shops. I like being in a public setting more. I don’t get as tired

  19. Reading on my couch with my dog right now! Thinking about don’t some front porch reading soon!

  20. Honestly I am very inconsistent. As of now I am reading in my bed but I like to change it up often. VERY OFTEN. I was literally in my desk about five minutes ago. I have this really big teddy bear like those humongous plush teddy bears that are so comfy especially at night that I really like to read near. Also there is a room in my house that has a small little terrace and it is literally bliss to just sit back in read there with the forest in front of me.

  21. I used to be able to read anywhere too – but I get so distracted now! My quiet bedroom, or maybe the garden or sofa downstairs when there’s no one else around, are now my reading spots of choice – so that little garden hideaway in the second picture would be right up my street!

    I’m reading The Suicide Shop by Jean Teule, a quirky little French novel about a depressed family running a suicide shop (clue’s in the title) who are despairing of the relentless good cheer of their youngest son Alan, who just doesn’t seem to get it… It’s quite funny, very odd, very charming!

  22. I’m finishing up What If? by Randall Munroe from the comfort of my bed. I’ll probably be moving around to a number of reading places in my house before the day is over.

  23. I read in my small and very lovely library… Just sitting in a lovely couch and reading, while i can look at all my books 🙂

  24. I typically just read in my room, either on my bed or at my desk.
    Occasionally I’ll read on the sofa or chair in the living room if noone is around.

    Sometimes I’ll take it outside & read at a random bench or table. And every now and then I might stop by a library or bookstore and do some reading as I pick out books.

  25. I am currently reading The karma club and it’s completely hilarious! Its a YA, you should definitely check it up 😀 And I am reading at the dinning table 🙂 drinking Ice tea 😀

  26. I do the majority of my reading at home. If I am out, coffee shop, etc., I tend to get distracted by any type of background noise, even music. I would love to be someone who could ready anytime, anywhere and just block out whatever is happening around them.

  27. I am currently reading on my couch surrounded my blankets and pillows! With my dog by my side. I love to read at the local library. They have some really comfy chairs there!

  28. Living room, on the sofa, with a really comfy quilt. Blinds open so I have lots of light coming in despite the gray clouds outside. Coffee table piled with books and snacks and all my electronics. My happy place.

  29. Chilling under a quilt on my couch! We had temps in the high 80’s last week which was a freakish weather thing but today back to normal temps in the 50’s and I am cold!

  30. I read where I’m physically comfy. Big ez chair with sunny window backing.
    Tired of sitting, I stretch out on my cushy pillow backed bed – tea at hand for both!

    When warmer temps arrive, I’ll drive to my library and sit out on the patio to enjoy my current read – looking forward to it 🙂 Thanks for the great photos and challenge!

  31. I’m reading The Star-Touched Queen while sitting on my recliner sofa with my three dogs all aound me. I just finished a cup of coffee and need to get up and fix another, but I don’t want to disturb my dogs. I need a personal waiter, lol.

  32. My favorite reading spot is definitely my bed. I have a huge bed with one huge pillow, two slightly less huge pillows, and one small pillow with my lovable dog curled up next to me. I would love to be that person who can read outside, but I don’t find it comfortable. Boo.

  33. The best days are when you both start and end the day reading in bed. But now I’m taking a break to read while standing at the kitchen counter, eating toast and drinking tea, finishing No Good Duke Goes Unpunished. Toast and tea always goes well with Sarah MacLean!

  34. Change of venue after the unplanned dog bath, I am sitting in what we call the turret room. It is an octagonal room on the deck, surrounded by windows. I have a view of the trees and Hammersley Inlet and am listening to the birds.

  35. Currently reading The Divorce Remedy by Michele Weiner Davis in the recliner in the living room. I usually read propped up in bed or in the recliner in our living room. Occassionally when the weather is perfect I will sit on the patio and read

  36. I’m reading Murder on the Minnesota by Conrad Allen, which is a historical mystery while on the couch with my coffee. It is a rainy day, so absolutely perfect for a readathon!

  37. I read wherever my toddler allows me to! That often means laying on the floor of her bedroom reading picture books with stuffies and Little People all over me! I read for me while she’s napping or late at night after everyone has gone to sleep.

  38. Reading at the kitchen table while having some leftover pizza for lunch at the moment. Today I’ll probably read here at the table, in the bed, outside in the hammock or the sky chair, & also listen to my audiobook while pushing the reel mower.

  39. I spent the last couple of hours reading at a small coffeeshop near my house 🙂 Lately I find it easier to concentrate outside

  40. Was going to go to a local park but as its raining, just curled up on the couch in a long tshirt, candles burning, enjoying a new story. Reading Watchers of Time. Not into the audio books yet.

  41. I do almost all of my reading in bed, at night before I go to sleep. I try to get an hour in each night. Once in a while, I treat myself and read a bit during the day, lying out on my deck if it is nice out or lying on the couch inside (where I am today!). And I always have an audio book going, which I listen to while cooking, walking, driving, doing laundry, etc – squeezing in books into every nook & cranny!


    Book By Book

  42. I have recently acquainted myself with Chai tea and oh my it is heavenly! I like to be near a window because if the suns out then it is awesome, if the rain is out i’m happy that I am indoors so it’s a win win!! x

  43. Sometimes bed is just the perfect place to be! You can take a little nap without going anywhere and wake up and read in a nice warm spot! x

  44. i am currently reading 2 books that I switch between. The first book is Child of Mine by David and Beverly Lewis and the other book is Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. I am reading on the bed with my 3 year old who is also picking up random books and making up her own stories by looking at pictures.

  45. Such a good way to be – if you type in Fay in the search on the readathon website there is a post I wrote about fitting reading into my work day! It was a while back! Have a great day x

  46. Currently reading in the office, but I have a dedicated library with sofa and reclining chairs to move to once that gets too uncomfortable. Saving those spots for later!

  47. Um, can we swap lives for today! Other half just made me a mocha and some leftover chicken from dinner last night! x

  48. I built a library with my house that is like a loft on the second story. I love reading there in the perfect chair and have the floor to ceiling bookcases beckoning me to keep reading.

  49. After answering comments I will be getting my kaboos outside for some sun and words! That book does sound pretty awesome! x

  50. I used to have a swivel lovers seat that was just for me! An ottoman would be great for book storage! x

  51. Big old armchair sounds great. If you have a problem with the mini-challenge please contact @Estellasrevenge on twitter and she will sort you out x

  52. A restaurant sounds good, I think I would go somewhere that served big stacks of pancakes with bacon and maple 🙂 xx

  53. If only fold out comfy chairs were a thing you could read anywhere! Book has been added to the list x

  54. Nice, I had to pop out so still in my out clothes. Getting back into Pj’s shortly! I need fleece! Perfect onesie weather here! x

  55. Tea makes any location good! And a good chair just takes it that one step further! Hope you are enjoying your books x

  56. I usually read when commuting but on days off anywhere where there is a window seat is where I will be! x

  57. I am camped out on my couch this morning, daughter at the other end with her stack of books, and the dog at our feet. Later on I will have to move on to an audiobook while I mow the lawn, but right now I’m enjoying my little slice of heaven.

  58. Me too – a long train journey really is the best for reading. Either that or a long haul flight although on a flight I get irritable x

  59. I can’t read on the bus as get motion sickness but funnily enough find it ok on the tube or train! x

  60. Your books sound interesting but I would love to hear what your little one is coming up with! Kids have such wonderful imagination x

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