October 2014

Hour 4 – Breakfast & Books

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Fay again from Blog a Book, Etc.! There is something great about lounging around in bed and when you finally venture out from under the security and warmth of the covers, you end up at the breakfast table/cafe.

Whilst you are shovelling in the delectable mouthwatering bites of a proper poached egg you listen to your latest Audiobook or you have your latest read propped up next to you in order to stop it getting ‘food dirty!’. Now onto the reading (Again!)

What are your guilty pleasures for this hour and many more?

Or not so guilty!


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43 thoughts on “Hour 4 – Breakfast & Books”

  1. This hour is full of guilty pleasures for me. I’m having a Sausage McMuffin for breakfast, I’ve got the 80s radio station on at work at the moment, and I’m about to start my second book of the day (Veronica Mars: The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line).

  2. My guilty pleasure is Poptarts. Lots and lots of poptarts.

    By the way, the Shelfie link is linking to a page from April!

  3. Its only 7am here. I haven’t even begun to think about guilty pleasures yet. Still trying to wake up and only up to 50 pages. Maybe need a pot of tea followed by some cinnamon rolls.

  4. It’s 4am in NZ so not quite time for breakfast. I did have a cup of tea last hour & I forgot to eat the choc chip biscuits, so that’s my treat this hour.
    P.s link above still leads to April’s Shelfie Challenge.

  5. Tea, beer, book, and learning kanji in the minute pauses every now and then. Pleasure mixed with work, so I’m not feeling guilty of anything. 🙂

  6. My guilty pleasure is Maple Bar doughnuts. Especially if you make it a Bacon Maple Bar! Wish I had one right about now. I could also use a good burger…..mmmm I love burgers.

  7. Ooooh! I am quite jealous – I want some! I just got back from running some errands and picks up some fresh bread, ricotta stuffed peppers and a big bag of vegetable crisps. All to go with my xl bag of m&m peanuts and elderflower water! Yum!

  8. I had 2 eggs this morning with avocado… LOVE avocado. Then… about 30 minutes ago I broke open the cheese puffs and….
    That goes to show do not but an off brand just because it is a HUGE bag and they are made in your home state. 😉

  9. You are truly on fire! Sausage Mc Muffin – ooooh! I haven’t had one of those for a while now! Breakfast tomorrow perhaps!

    Love a bit of 80’s radio to get into a groove! Going to put on some classical when I start to read! 😀

  10. Owww poached eggs!! Love those!!
    I’m on healthy snacks right now (because now I still have the willpower lol): veggies with hummus but my real guilty pleasure is salmon sashimi 😉
    Have a great readathon!

  11. I just had cinnamon rolls and bacon for breakfast. My guilty pleasure this hour is coffee, lots and lots of coffee!

  12. It’s 6:15pm here, so I will have my dinner in a few hours! Unfortunately, I will stop reading and will be watching a VERY important soccer game between hour 5-7. Happy reading everyone!

  13. Oooooh pop tarts – I just remembered I have some in the back of the cupboard – Strawberry – mmmmmm! Will have to dig them out – I hope they haven’t expired! Will check out the link 😀

  14. its night time where i am at, so I’ll be having dinner. I haven’t cooked anything, getting hubby to make me some Japanese style ramen!

  15. Just had some whole wheat pecan pancakes and scrambled eggs while reading Mort. Also drank a Fresca, but now I’m cold!

  16. My husband went out and got donuts for us this morning – so I am on my second donut. Eggs are sounding really good though. I need something not chocolate!

  17. Nice! I just can’t drink coke – diet is cool because it doesn’t leave the chalky film on my teeth but the lack of caffeine what is up with that! How many bottles did you get for the thon!?

  18. OMG that breakfast!! Looks amazing. I made a boxed cake and overcooked it. 😉 Having sushi for lunch. Nom! Readathons are all about food, right? Oh wait–books too? Huh.

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