October 2010

Hour 4

Hey readers! You’re doing awesome!

And how much are you loving the cheerleaders?? They really keep the readers pumped throughout the whole readathon. We owe them a huge thanks!

I just realized I never told you who’s updating the site! You’ve got me, Trish, for one more hour (I’ll be doing Hour 5), and then I’ll pass the baton to Danielle.

I’ve had two cinnamon rolls and am about to have a third, and I’m still a little fuzzy. I promise the other co-hosts will be more entertaining!


The challenge for this hour is called Indie Pride and is hosted at {Indie}pendent Books.

Winners Announced

We picked a random cheerleader to win one book of their choice, and that cheerleader is Colleen from Col Reads! Congratulations, Colleen! Email deweyreadathon@gmail.com to claim the book of your choice.

Still waiting on Life As List to approve her moderated comments.

Still Ongoing

Back-in-the-Day Children’s Book Challenge

Six Word Celebration

11 thoughts on “Hour 4”

  1. I ate a sandwich after my first hour when I finished off Tom McCarthy’s ‘C’. I am part of a Man Booker shadowing group here in the UK and had this and my 6th book to finish for our Monday evening meeting to elect our winner.

    I then moved onto lighter fare for a couple of hours: Steve Berry’s ‘The Paris Vendetta’.

    I’ve reach an easy stopping point so did an update (http://muse-books.livejournal.com/152833.html) and am having a cup of tea and a biscuit before starting in on Peter Carey’s ‘Parrot and Olivier in America’. It’s quite serious reading so I am planning to read this until I break for dinner and then return to Berry.

    They do compliment each other slightly as the Berry is thriller about a search for Napoleon’s lost treasure and the Carey book is set during the Napoleonic Age (at least in its opening chapters).

  2. I’m with Ashley on this one: no comments yet 🙁 I was starting a tour of cheerleading now, but apparently my computer does not want to see the Mr Linky lists… so I’m not sure whom I should be cheerleading 🙁 Heading off to Ashley’s blog now. Hope to be more active later…
    Happy reading everyone!

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