October 2009

Hour 4

You guys are doing awesome! Some people have already finished a book (usually those are short books or graphic novels), the cheerleaders are doing FANTASTIC, and we got #readathon to trend on Twitter! Woohoo!


lolcat graphic novelsLet’s keep up the energy with the next mini-challenge. Our host is Bart from Bart’s Bookshelf, and he’s asking you to grab 3-4 books and make a sentence out of the title. You’ll take a picture of the spines, and the best sentence will win! This mini-challenge will stay open for three hours.

Winners announced

The winner of Word Lily’s Trending on Twitter mini-challenge Kathrin of Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic! Congratulations, Kathrin!

The three winners from the Hour 1 Meme are:

  1. Crystal Posey from Actualize (won 3 books of her choice from our Prize list, as well as the Pirate’s Booty)
  2. Dana from Scraptherapy (won the 3 books by Korean-American author Linda Sue Park, Seesaw Girl, A Single Shard, and When My Name Was Keoko (all gently read) donated by Bybee)
  3. Cindy from Princess Bookie (won a โ€œgrab bagโ€ of 3 (new) surprise 2010 ARCs from Aaronโ€™s Books)

Congratulations! Winners, please email your book choices and/or address info to deweyreadathon(at)gmail(dot)com. You can find your book choices on the Prizes page.

Still ongoing

Where in the World is the Read-a-Thon?

21 thoughts on “Hour 4”

  1. Anyone else having trouble getting to Barts blog? It keeps coming up as an error and I tried going through google to get to him as well and it still wont load. I am having no problems with any other links or websites.

  2. Sheila: Yeah, I had trouble for a few. It does that when too many people are getting on. Just keep updating it every few minutes. I think theres only so much bandwidth probably.

  3. I am so excited, I am a cheerleader and I did all of the readers on the list for hours 1-6 for my team. YEAH!!! It only took 2 hours!!! Since I signed up for 4 hours of cheerleading, I think I will go do my housework now, and do my other two hours when everyone is falling asleep and I am wide awake. I am a night owl.

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