April 2009, readathon

Hour 3

This hour our mini-challenge host is Bart from Bart’s Bookshelf. He’s got a bookcover quiz for you to try your hand at! The winner will get to pick two books from our stash of books. This challenge will be open for three hours.

Please note that if you check these posts early in the hour and a mini-challenge host’s post isn’t up yet, please be patient and keep checking back. Bart, though, is awesome and had his post all ready to go!

Nymeth, Hannah, and I want to thank everyone for doing such a great job of supporting the read-a-thon today! It’s with a little bit of melancholy that we are running this read-a-thon, because it’s the first read-a-thon without Dewey. Dewey was such an inspiration to all of us as she was one of the people who brought book bloggers together into a community. You never realize what you have until that something’s gone, and it’s very apparent as we work on this read-a-thon what we’re missing.

We’re comforted, though, in knowing that in continuing events like the read-a-thon and weekly geeks that not only does Dewey live on in our memory, but we’re passing her on to other people who’ve never met her. She will be talked about for years to come.

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2 thoughts on “Hour 3”

  1. I agree it’s bitter sweet without Dewey! Thanks for continuing the read-a-thon though – I would miss it. And I think you guys are doing Dewey proud!! Keep up the good work!

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