April 2012, readathon

Hour 3 – Hang in there, we are just beginning!~


Hello to all the readers out there!~ Im Ashley and I will be your every lovely host for the next couple of hours. I do hope that everyone is hanging in there like my little friends above. We still have several hours to go but there are many things that we can do. For example:

  • Read (well duh your saying now, I know)
  • Grab a quick snack
  • Go for a walk and get some fresh air
  • Tweet about what your reading
  • Go cheer for others
  • Get up and dance
  • Participate in challenges!~

Speaking of those challenges look here below to find which ones we are currently undertaking! Now grab the nearest branch, hang on, and let’s rock hour three!~

Current Minichallenges

Book Puzzle over at One Librarian’s Book Reviews.
Reading in Translation at Reading Through Life.
Introductory Meme hosted by us!

Help Us Out

When you complete a book add it to the form below!~

By the way dear readers and cheerers, if anyone need me please dont hesitate to email me elaineg218@gmail.com or tweet me @ashela23. My blog is going through a major move and revamping so Ill keep eveyone posted on my progress today via twitter and facebook.


8 thoughts on “Hour 3 – Hang in there, we are just beginning!~”

  1. Enjoying The Hunger Games Book #1, so far I am very pleased and have reached page 137…I know what you are all thinking and yes I am a very slow and easily distracted reader. 🙂

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