October 2013, readathon

Hour 3 – #hashtag #readathon #havesomefunreading

Andi and I agreed. I have to post this. It’s hilarious, especially for those of us tweeting our updates and cheering on Twitter. Enjoy!

Mini Challenges

A Puzzling Mini-Challenge from Just One More Thing

Still Ongoing

Introduction Meme

Book Tunes from River City Reading

Door Prize Winners Announced –

 E-mail deweyreadathon@gmail.com to claim a prize from the Prize Page!

Lydia from The Lost Entwife

Tracey from Black/White~Read~All~Over

Cheerleader Winners

Mike at Mr. Buried in Print
Vikk at Down the Writer’s Path
Vasilly at 1330v
Kristen at The Book Monsters
Teri Henningsen at Henningsen Happenings

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17 thoughts on “Hour 3 – #hashtag #readathon #havesomefunreading”

  1. I hadnt seen this video before but it’s hilarious! I’m gonna share it with my friends on facebook. I started cracking up & woke up my husband. He wasn’t impressed I was watching a youtube video, he fell asleep as I was settling in with my first book. #Woops

  2. We’ve really been enjoying the videos. We’re having so much fun cheering and visiting different sites and reading about everyone else’s reading that we have hardly read anything ourselves. Thanks to the hosts and everyone who’s working so hard.

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