October 2016

Hour 3 – Hygge @ Home

FYI (3)Hygge, Danish, Scandinavian, Autumn, Winter, Cold, Comfort, 24 Hour Readathon, Readathon, Blog A Book Etc, Fay, InstagramAs Heather mentioned in Hour 2 comfort is something that should definitely be high on your priority list. I have been reading The Little Book of Hygge recently and I tell you what – there is nothing better than settling down with a steaming hot cuppa, lighting a LOT of candles and reading a good book! I’m sure that you all agree.

I have to say I am not feeling great right about now as I finished work at 8am this morning (#lifeofanurse) and I have only had one hours sleep. BUT with my coffee on the go and a little bit of pampering I am ready and raring to go again! I tell you what that hour that I had to ‘rest my eyes’ worked wonders (not for the bags under them!).

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Please do remember that although this AWESOME readathon goes on for 24 Hours you should prioritise rest breaks otherwise you will end up slightly delirious!!

A few tips of keeping that calm whilst you are elbow deep in books!

  • Have your favourite playlist on in the background or wear headphones
  • Keep well hydrated
  • Surround yourself with nice food – try not to overeat though as the itis gets the best of us!!!
  • Burn those candles
  • TAKE A BREAK every now and then!

I will be over on the @Readathon Twitter for the next couple of hours so GET TWEETING peeps – just please bear with me as I just got my nails done and my typing is catching up to normal speed!!!


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5 thoughts on “Hour 3 – Hygge @ Home”

  1. Hi there! My bookish other half is Luisa Clark from “Me Before You” by JoJo Moyes. She is brave and confident, but a little clumsy. That’s most definitely me. Louisa took the only job available in her small English town to help her family. Her kindness toward Will Traynor broke down some barriers for me when I see a disabled person. They want to be treated no differently, and be able to decide their own destinies. I love this book, I love the characters, and I equally love the movie version.

  2. Cori – I am still waiting to see the movie and read the book – not sure what I will do first! Probably the book – force of habit!

    Sarah – Congrats Gorgeous xx

    Kristin – THANK YOUUUUU xx

  3. Well I’m going to buy me a book about hygge….. oh wait, I’m already huddled up wrapped in a blanket, candle light burning, hot beverage and reading a good book etc. – and yes, there’s that little detail regarding my nationality: Danish🙃🇩🇰
    Hope you’ll enjoy reading about our hygge

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