October 2014

Hour 3 – Take 5!

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Three hours in and we are going steady. Fay here from Blog a Book, Etc.! Reach for the snacks and the coffee if you need them and stay strong. Don’t forget to take regular rest breaks for those precious peepers.

Stop worrying about how many pages we are reading collectively and ENJOY what you are reading.

Over in the UK the weather isn’t the greatest so it is the perfect excuse to bust out the cosy socks and extra blanket and snuggle down. How about the weather where you are reading? What’s happening?

Take 5 and Share with us!

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31 thoughts on “Hour 3 – Take 5!”

  1. It`s raining a lot here in Norway aswell..
    I bicycled down to the store. Couldn`t see a thing and was soaking wet when I arrived.. Bought myself a candle, new thick socks and candy for todays read-a-thon 🙂

  2. It’s a cool morning in SoCal and I’m about to start breakfast or break my fast as they say in A Clash of Kings. I have been putting off finishing it, but the silence has let me enjoy this book more today than previous.

  3. a bit of sun behind the clouds – hopefully warm enough for me to open the window for a bit this afternoon. Unseasonably warm for Maine in mid-October. I’ll take it!

  4. It is a beautiful weather outside. Sun is shinning and I can literally hear birds singing right now 😀 I might go out and read in a park in a couple of hours!

  5. The first sign of sunlight on my pages had me seeing spots for a moment, but the clouds seem to have reasserted themselves now.
    (In Cambridge, England.)

  6. Weather? That’s probably something that takes place outside, and I am huddled safely within. Nothing to do with me or my book.

    (PS. The link to the coffee or tea challenge doesn’t work for me — it doesn’t affect me because I’m a soda drinker, though.)

  7. Pretty sure it’s going to be a sunny day here in northern California — it usually is! The sun is just coming up, though, and I haven’t been outside yet. The window feels a little on the chilly side at the moment. Hopefully it’ll warm up so that I can go for a walk with an audiobook later on.

  8. Here in Scotland, it’s pretty surprisingly alright! I’ve just raised the blinds and there are blue skies with some clouds, but a fair amount of wind! Trees whipping about everywhere!

  9. Nice to see some fellow Canadians on here. 😀 It’s gloomy in Ottawa and I’m curled up in a blanket. If I don’t leave the house today I’m not going to feel particularly guilty about it.

  10. We’ve got plenty of sun here in northeastern part of Slovenia. After a summer full of rain now we have sunny fall. The world has gone mad. 🙂

  11. Glad you liked the music video – listening to jazz whilst reading in a hammock sounds like an absolute dream! I will have to imagine a hammock whilst my legs are thrown over the side of the couch! Also Gilmore Girls do rock!

  12. Lucky you with the sun out but I totally see what you mean about the rain! It is on and off here now which would kinda suck if I had any intention of leaving my house again but right now after all my errands are finally done – I’m good!

  13. Rainy and chilly in Southeastern Wisconsin, USA. Sun may come out later, but right now, it’s perfect for a cozy corner and some books.

  14. Hahaha! Keep that AC on before you melt! Either that or cause a forest fire with all of your surrounding books!

  15. Indeed – something therapeutic about the sound! I actually downloaded a sound app the other day – might put on a storm – all the best bits without the bad weather!

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