April 2010

Hour 3

A lot of you participants are really fast readers! You put the rest of us to shame. 😉

Just a reminder – you don’t have to do each and every mini-challenge. Do what works for you!

This hour we’ve got five readers of the hour! Please go give these participants some encouragement! We’ll pick one random commenter from each blog (please comment on the latest post) to win one book of their choice from the Prizes page.

Have you participated more than once? Leave a comment on this post and we’ll randomly select 4 multi-time participants. The first winner will receive a $25 gift card to any independent bookstore, and the other 3 will win 2 books of their choice from the Prizes page. We’ll leave this open for three hours and announce the winner in Hour 7.


This hour’s mini-challenge is being hosted by Bobbie at ‘Til We Read Again. Her mini-challenge is called And the nominees are…. Go check it out! You’ll list nominees in four different categories. The winner will receive a copy of Until We Reach Home by Lynn Austin.

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75 thoughts on “Hour 3”

  1. This is my third official Dewey Read-a-Thon. I’ve participated in a couple others as well that other people have hosted but Dewey’s is my ultimate favorite. I couldn’t imagine not being able to join in.

  2. This is my second time participating – it just keeps getting better! This is my little mini-vacation twice a year. Thanks to all that you hosts and cheerleaders do!

  3. This is my second Read-a-Thon. I’m flattered to be selected as one of the “readers of the hour”. Just posted my Hour 2 Update summary. I’m going to pick up another Diet Coke and settle in for a long reading spell this hour.

  4. This is my third official challenge – My husband, though he knows how much I love reading, still thinks it is a little “strange” that we read for 24 hours. I told him it is not strange for the 375 people who are signed up. . To which he said – Well, I guess out of the Millions of people in the world – you 375 must be normal, and the rest of us who aren’t reading are strange! He did say that it was neat that a lot of people donated to charity based on how many pages or how long they read.

  5. Five Read-a-thons for me! I was lucky enough to meet Dewey during my first. Wasn’t she an inspiration?!

    Thank you so much for keeping this fun reading event going!

    I’m headed back to France! Au revoir!

  6. I think this is my sixth time? I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been torturing myself having fun. 😀 I love the experience!

  7. This is my fourth time now. I look forward to this every spring and fall. Thanks so much you guys for all your efforts and keeping this going!!!

  8. This is my second read-a-thon. I was sick during the first time I participated so I’m so excited to be healthy and participating this time! Thanks so much for putting all of this together. 🙂

  9. This is my first read-a-thon and I started with a librarything readathing last night and it seems like i’m reading alot slower today of course both of my kids are up distracting me with the tv. Good luck to everyone.

  10. This is my second time to participate and its loads of fun! I’m loving all the mini challenges, cheering and discovering new blogs along the way as well 🙂

  11. this is my third readathon although I fell asleep during the second one. I’m having a lot of fun and ready to consume another chunk of my book – happy reading everyone!

  12. This is my second time participating. Last time I read something like 14 hours. Unfortunately I right now have this school paper to do so I am more about cheerleading and mini challenges this time.

  13. This is my second readathon. I joined in last falls and had a blast! I loved the challenges and made a nice dent in some reading I had been wanting to get to. 🙂 This itme around I did everything I could to keep my calendar clear for today!

  14. This is my second Dewey’s Read-a-Thon. Last time I had some unexpected errands come up – so not much reading happened. So far today – I’ve done nothing but read (and post to my blog and a few others). Awesome!

  15. Not reading very fast today. Mostly because the kittten or dog are getting into trouble. I have read 150 pages in two and a half hours. Usually I do better than that. Huh. Weird. Anyway got to go and escape back into book land. Right after I see what my sister is freaking out about.

  16. Hi!
    This is my second year doing the Read-A-Thon. I am having so much fun. Thanks for doing this every year. Have a great day!

    Just Books

  17. This is my 3rd read-athon as well — although I woke up sick this morning and not sure how much I will be able to take part 🙁

  18. This is my fourth (maybe my fifth…I can’t remember!) Read-a-Thon. I’ve loved it every time I’ve participated. It’s one of my favorite blogosphere events and I’m glad we have it twice a year!!!

  19. I’ve done all of them except the first one. Even though most of mine have been botched. Knocks wood, but this one seems fairly wrench-free…

  20. This is my second Dewey’s read-a-thon. I had so much fun with the October one, that I looked forward to this one. Now I’m participating as a reader and a cheerleader…GO Dewey Readers!!!

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