Hour 23

We’re almost there, folks! Keep reading! How many of you are still around? I see that some people are now up and reading again for the last couple of hours. You’re all doing amazingly well.

This hour we’d like to ask those who are raising money for charity during the read-a-thon to enter their names in the Mr. Linky below. The winner will get a box of Earthday books and a set of homemade dishcloths donated by Dar. If you know of a blogging friend who did fund-raising but has already gone to bed, please feel free to enter their name.

The winner of the limerick mini-challenge is: Peta!

Congratulations! Please get in touch with Hannah at wordlily AT gmail to claim your prize.

Still happening:
Debbie’s mini-challenge (open until the end of the read-a-thon)
Participants in all 4 read-a-thons: leave a comment in the hour 20 post.
Vote for the winner of Kim’s comic mini-challenge
Eva’s mini-challenge (this is the last hour for this mini-challenge)

11 thoughts on “Hour 23”

  1. I’m still here! I almost died during 12-2 AM my time, but now I have a second wind, and I’m obscenely chipper, lol. My mom is asleep on her couch, but she’s still got her book in front of her, and she wakes up occasionally! 😉

  2. Just wanted to say thanks so much to you and the other guys for organising this. I’ve had lots of fun being a cheerleader (I might actually try reading again in Oct). It know this word gets chucked around a lot but it really is inspiring to see how Dewey created something so wonderful and your friendships with her helped to sustain it.

  3. Aww, thank YOU, Jodie! The cheerleaders are a HUGE part of what makes the read-a-thon so awesome 😀

  4. Hi Nymeth, you guys have done a fantastic job of hosting such a wonderful event. We did it earlier in Australia but I’m trying to stay up to cheer everyone on for the finish! Thanks again!

  5. Thanks to all three of you for making this happen. This may be my first time to join the Read-A-Thon but I get a feeling this won’t be my last (schedule permitting, that is).

    I’m still up (as I should be, dinner in an hour and I won’t pass up on food) and I had a great time even if I never made a dent in my (physical) book stack 🙂

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