October 2014

Hour 23 – Influenced Anyone Today


This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook and I will be your cohost for the rest of the readathon! We are two hours away from the finish lines? The most important thing to remember is that any reading completed is better than what you started the day having done. I hope that you all have enjoyed the social aspect of readathon. It is my favorite part.

Part of the social aspect for me, is getting my family involved. I have a very international family. I have one sister who lives in Germany, my parents and youngest sister live in Asia, and I live about three hours away from my other sisters here in California. But I talk about readathon all the time to my family, and this year, I influenced everyone in my family to read a little today! It was amazing to connect with them via social media (we use the whatsapp app to chat all the time). We have been sending book updates all day today to each other and it has been so much fun! Here is a picture of my youngest sister reading on a bus in Singapore. I would post another of my mother, but that might be the last update you would ever get from me (because she would kill me).


Also, thank you to all of the cheerleaders! You guys make this event great! I know when I am starting to feel down on my reading and how much I have accomplished, I feel so much better when I receive the message from a cheerleader!

So, did you influence anyone to read today?

Video of the Hour:

This will be our last message from Kid President. I hope you have enjoyed his encouragement and words of wisdom as much as I have!


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9 thoughts on “Hour 23 – Influenced Anyone Today”

  1. I may have inspired a few of my twitter-based writing friends to join in the next Read-a-thon, and I do believe I earned a smile or two from others just by being happy to participate myself. I think that’s the sort of little bit that goes a long way.

  2. @James – I completely agree and that is so exciting. I explained the readathon to many people an only got a few weird looks. I think some people were secretly jealous and wanted to join in, which I told them they could.

  3. That is still exciting! I am a big believer that any reading done is more than you started the day with. Read a page, a chapter, a book, a shelf… I don’t care. Just open the book and read something!

  4. My husband and I have done the RAT together from the beginning but I got my best friend to take part once we moved back to Texas. I also got another friend and her mom in CA to take part in April and again this time. 🙂

  5. @Jenn – That is so awesome. I think I am going to make it a goal to actually get someone to come over and have a reading day with me next year. That would be so much fun!!!

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