April 2014, readathon

Hour 23

IMPORTANT QUICK MESSAGE: This is Kate and I wanted to let you all know that about 45 minutes before my co-hosting shift started, my internet decided to fail and so I am trying to do all of this from my phone and tablet. If anything doesn’t work or you need to contact me, leave a comment on one of these posts. It is the most sure-fire way to make sure that I see it and respond. Thanks and I apologize for this.

This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook and I will be your cohost for the rest of the readathon! We are two hours away from the finish lines? Are any of you keep track of pages read? The most important thing to remember is that any reading completed is better than what you started the day having done. I hope that you all have enjoyed the social aspect of readathon. It is part of my favorite part.

I want to take a moment and thank all of the wonderful mini-challenge hosts and all of those who donated prizes or are postage angels or did anything behind the scenes that made this even as fun as it is. It isn’t hard to sit down and decide to read for 24 hours. But it is all of the social aspects of this event that make it amazing! So thank you for all you have done!

Also, thank you to all of the cheerleaders! You guys make this event great! I know when I am starting to feel down on my reading and how much I have accomplished, I feel so much better when I receive the message from a cheerleader!

Video of the Hour:

Have you ever watched the “Kids React” videos? I love them. Those kids are so adorable. And they are so real in their opinions. Here they are, reacting to a song from the movie Frozen, sung in 25 different languages.

Random Facts of the Hour about Charles Dickens:

  • Dickens’ father was imprisoned for debt and 12-year-old Charles was sent to work in a factory to help support the family.
  • In 1846 Dickens co-founded Urania Cottage, a home for the redemption of “fallen” women where accepted candidates could learn skills, often domestic, and re-integrate into society.
  •  He was an obsessive compulsive, reportedly always re-arranging his hotel furniture and having to sleep with his head pointing north.
  • Dickens gave every one of his ten children nicknames like “Skittles” and “Plorn.”

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8 thoughts on “Hour 23”

  1. Have you tried talking sternly to your internet? It may come to its senses.

    Thanks for bein here in the final hours of the readathon 🙂

  2. Masanobu – Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, it decided to be stubborn and not respond to me! Thank you for reading and replying! It helps a lot!

  3. Oh no! I know how you feel, my internet broke down fridaynight. We’ve been working all saturdaymorning to fix it and managed to do so 5 minutes after the readathon started! (2PM here) I hope your internet will be fixed soon 🙂

  4. Hope your Internet problem will soon be resolved. Thanks for sharing this cool video! My daughter and I saw the film in French so it’s interesting to hear all of the other languages. Happy reading, everyone!

  5. Rose – It does this periodically. I think it likes to show me who is boss (not me). I usually randomly starts working when it wants to.

  6. Yeah, it was really interesting hearing all those languages. I think those kids in Kids React are so cute! I loved their reactions to it.

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