Hour 23

I think we need another dance break. Ready? Stand up. Hit play. SHAKE IT!!

C’mon you guys!! I know you can do it!!! I’m so excited for you guys! You’re so totally almost there! WoooooHooooo!!! (it’s okay for you to belt out a woooohoooo too ya know!)


Make It Up with Lu’s Raves & Rants
Make up a new word using the letters from the title of your book.

Winners Announced

We drew a random winner from all of our Mini-Challenge Hosts! Brandileigh from the Love to Hate challenge, email us with a prize you’d like and your mailing address! Thanks a ton to all of our Mini Challenge Hosts!!

Still Ongoing

.Character Photo Challenge
Favorite Sidekicks

19 thoughts on “Hour 23”

  1. I needed that dancing break. I hope I’ll make it in these last 2 hours.. Struggling to stay awake..

    Hope everyone else who’s still awake manages to hang on!!

  2. Farewell everyone…I must be on my way to a wedding that’s 5 hours away. Sorry to miss the end of the readathon…I’ll be thinking of you! Read on!

  3. Hi everyone! I had to sleep for a few hours, but I’m back to cheer you on for the last hour 🙂 YAY TO ALL THE READERS STILL GOIN’ STRONG!!

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