October 2009, readathon

Hour 23

This hour, we don’t have any mini-challenges for you. But we’re in the homestretch now guys: only two hours to go! Keep it up!

And since you’re champions, let’s go ahead and celebrate that with Queen! Say it after me: “We Are the Champions”:

I’d like to announce the winner of the Turn to Page… Mini-Challenge: Kim. Congrats! Please e-mail us (deweyreadathon(at)gmail) for your prize information.

Still happening:
if you’re a reader who’s still awake and wants to be in a prize drawing, comment on Hour 22.

9 thoughts on “Hour 23”

  1. Excellent song choice!!! You have been on of my ROCKS for the day Eva! Thank you so much – I definitely owe part of my getting this far to you!!! *BUG HUGS* – Uh – That should have read *BIG HUGS* instead of changing it I decided to leave so that it was plainly obvious that I am gettin’ a wee bit punch drunk (and it’s not because I’ve been drinking because I haven’t)!

  2. I can’t get the reply button on my email to work properly right now (ongoing issue) & I’m too tired to try – sooo leaving a reply back here – my apologies for such.

    I have no idea if I have won anything yet – and I think I will probably not go back through & check until tomorrow when I get up (wait that would be later today wouldn’t it?). Is that ok? Is there a time limit on sending the email to claim prizes?

    Thanks again!

  3. Man, I’m glad I took a nap earlier. I finished book 3 and will start book four, but not sure if I’ll finish it…off to go drink tea before hitting the books again : )

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