October 2014

Hour 22 – You’ve Been Booed (In a Good Way)


This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook and I will be your cohost for the rest of the readathon!

I want to take a moment and thank all of the wonderful mini-challenge hosts and all of those who donated prizes or are postage angels or did anything behind the scenes that made this even as fun as it is. It isn’t hard to sit down and decide to read for 24 hours. But it is all of the social aspects of this event that make it amazing! So thank you for all you have done!

For my sort of random thing of the hour, I want to share with you this thing that has been going around my office. You’ve Been Booed. One morning I walked in to find my work area looking like this (actually this is my co-workers desk because apparently the picture of mine is too large):



Essentially, an anonymous person decorates your work space and leave you some treats and then you have to go out and do the same for someone else. Here is the link to the site that has the poem that goes with it. If I could, I would go and boo all of your work places or front doors, or whatever. I would really like for as many of you as can to go and carry this into the world. It is just a really fun way to spread the autumn cheer. I was having a pretty down day (the promised rain had not shown and I am a big fan of the rain) and when I saw my desk with the hot chocolate and new mug and candies, it felt like one of the best days of my life and I felt loved. Don’t you want to give that cheer to someone else?


Video of the Hour:

And now another pep talk from our fearless leader, Kid President. This one is directed to all teachers and students out there. However, since we are all in a perpetual state of furthering ourselves, I think this one applies to us all.

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6 thoughts on “Hour 22 – You’ve Been Booed (In a Good Way)”

  1. Yay! I am glad someone else loves him too! He is so adorable!!! Good job on still going. Only 2 hours and 48 minutes to go!

  2. When my coworker was on his honeymoon, I “booed” his desk with spiderwebs and pictures of Spiderman & other comic superheroes. That was three weeks ago and he still has it up! Thanks, Heather, for bringing this post up 🙂

  3. Hey Rachael – That is so awesome. I love it! This is Kate, by the way. Heather provides the templates for us. She is super awesome in that way (as well as many other ways!)

  4. I’ve never heard about being booed before but that a really feel good thing to see. I want to do this in my work as well, I can imagine how surprised but happy people would feel. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  5. YAY!!! Please do do it! It is a lot of fun and it really does brighten ones day! If you live in America, check out the dollar store. They have some amazing gets for only a dollar!

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