April 2013, readathon

Hour 22 – William Shakespeare

This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook and I will be your co-host for the rest of the readathon! Do you have any random Shakespeare facts? I have to confess I am not really a Shakespeare fan. But these are some pretty interesting random facts. In High School and college when I had to read him, I definitely checked out the “dummies” version with the modern English on the opposite page so I could understand what in the heck he was saying!

Random Fact of the Hour:

William Shakespeare’s average annual income as a playwright was under 32 dollars (USD), which works out to about 13 dollars per play. He made about twice as much from writing plays as Ben Jonson.

Mini Challenges

Rachel Cabbit presents If It Were a Movie

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Jessica and Mia present Read-a-Thon MadLibs

Crazy Comma Momma presents the Haiku Challenge!

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11 thoughts on “Hour 22 – William Shakespeare”

  1. Yay!!! I won!!! WOoot. Just in time for me to go to bed. SO tirreeeddd. Can’t believe I made it to hour 22! Yayyy. Nightttyy night.

  2. I am afraid that I am fading fast…but I wanted to thank everyone for such a fabulous readathon! This has been my seventh and absolutely my most favorite to date! Good luck to all pushing on to hour 24 and all those who participated in earlier hours! It’s been an absolute pleasure!

  3. Thank you for participating. I hope that you will join us in the future. Readathons are my favorite. I think this is my 10th. I am not sure though. So many good ones it is hard to keep track 😀

  4. I wasn’t really a fan of Shakespeare in high school either. I like him a lot more now, probably because now I read his books willingly, not because I have to 🙂
    I’m not entirely sure that this is a fact, but I read somewhere that he started writing sonnets because he really wanted to prove himself to critics.

  5. @Tanja – Hmm, maybe I will have to give him another try then. I do like his sonnets. And I don’t normally like poetry so that is something.

  6. Carina – Welcome back. I hope you had a good break and you have enough energy to finish out the last couple hours!

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