Hour 22: Motivation

Still going, Readathoners? Excellent, because I haz moar tips to keep you reading even if you don’t want to. BUT YOU MUST!


Tip 4: Move According to WebMD, someone paid researchers to determine moving was a good way to stay awake. Thanks, Science!

Tip 5: Keep the temperature cool Or exercise outside! Win-win!

Tip 6: Eat Your body needs energy to keep going, especially when it’s reaallly tired. Eat something that’s high in protein for energy, but low in carbs. Here are some suggestions from WebMD (again):

  • Peanut butter on a whole wheat cracker or celery sticks
  • Yogurt and a handful or nuts or fresh fruit (Greek yogurt is higher in protein and a better choice if you have it)
  • Baby carrots with a low-fat cream cheese dip

What are some of your favorite keep-going snacks? Let me know in the comments!

Now, onto business:



Get Up Offa That ThangKimberly‘s hosting this challenge, which I’m going to guess involves exercise (thank god for spell check, because I cannot spell that word). Another weird coincidence! It’s like we plan this out or something, I swears.


Winners Announced

Among the many cheerleaders who are bravely staying up late to give us all motivation are: Holly, Rebecca, Rena, and Care

C from Dรฉlaissรฉ Blog is donating her prize. Congrats, to Katherine @ KatenRead

Winner of the AKA Challenge (sorry this is so late) is Crissy from Homesteading In the Burbs

Chose your prizes from the list and then e-mail your choices and snail mail addy to deweyreadathon at gmail dot com


Still On-Going

Yoga Mini-Challenge
Reading Zombies

17 thoughts on “Hour 22: Motivation”

  1. Well I keep cool… mostly ’cause it isn’t that warm in our apartment lol. So I’m still under a blanket or two. My fave snacks? Still fruit I guess. It keeps me going. And a bit of Sinterklaas candies (Sinterklaas is a national holiday on the night of 5 Dec here) in between ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love Greek yoghurt though!!

  2. That picture never fails to make me laugh! I like to snack on rice cakes, especially the caramel corn or apple cinnamon ones, yum~ ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I had more turkey jerky earlier, but I’m thinking I need some sugary. And caffeine at this point if I want to even finish the next blog post I am working on currently. Zzzzz…

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