April 2016

Hour 22 – 80 Different Names…

FYI (23)

This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook and I will be your cohost for the remainder of this event! You are doing so great! Don’t give up now!!!

I would like to take a moment and thank all the mini-challenge hosts. Aren’t these all so much fun? And without so many people volunteering to to host a mini-challenge, we would not be able to do this by ourselves. And all these mini-challenges are part of what makes this event so unique and so much fun! Isn’t the book community so amazing? I hope that you’ve had a lot of fun, because I know I certainly have.

Random Shakespeare Facts of the Hour

Anyone who has ever made these late night hours knows that I love to include random facts of the hour. This year, due to it being Shakespeare week, I’ve decided to do Shakespeare Random Facts. Your one for this hour is:

Sources from William Shakespeare’s lifetime spell his last name in more than 80 different ways, ranging from “Shappere” to “Shaxberd.” In the handful of signatures that have survived, the Bard never spelled his own name “William Shakespeare,” using variations or abbreviations such as “Willm Shakp,” “Willm Shakspere” and “William Shakspeare” instead. However it’s spelled, Shakespeare is thought to derive from the Old English words “schakken” (“to brandish”) and “speer” (“spear”), and probably referred to a confrontational or argumentative person.

Source: History.com


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