Hour 22

Get your game face on. Let’s beat the sleep outta the last three hours, shall we?

I know you can do it. I know you can stay awake! You’ve got this!!!

Leave a comment telling us how you’re staying awake on this post by the end of the ‘thon and we’ll draw 2 of you to get prizes!

Here’s a tip, that you probably already know, but I’m going to give it to you anyway… Turn on all of the lights that you can see. It’ll help trick your body into wanting to stay awake. Wooohooo! Go Read-A-Thon-ers!!


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56 thoughts on “Hour 22”

  1. Erm.. I didn’t stay awake for the whole 24 hrs 😉 But the thought of my homemade spicy salsa picante almost made me! Also, time flies when I’m reading… so time’s up before you know it!

  2. I have stayed in the same chair the whole time, so I never get comfy lol. It might sound bad, but it works cause you don’t get tired you’re always fidgeting.
    Also, I had a giant cup of coffee at 2am, that helped. 😉

  3. Well, I slept for about 4 hours in the middle, but when the sleepies strike, things that ususally help are sitting in a hard chair, getting up to move around, something hot to drink, preferably caffeinated, cheering on other readers.

  4. Music – loads and loads and loads of rock n’ roll quite loud in my ears – and coffee mostly. And, of course, good books that don’t get me bored! 🙂

    And I’m totally staying up the last three hours!
    Twenty hours of reading so far! Haven’t been doing that bad.

    Good luck fellow read-a-thoners!

  5. I didn’t stay awake all the time (but the middle of the night was the middle of the read-a-thon for me). I did find support form my Twitter friends in the same time zone that are also doing the read-a-thon very helpful.

    Through them, I stayed up for 2 more hours than I initially wanted to.

  6. I’m lucky, I’ll be finishing the read-a-thon in broad daylight, seeing that I started at 2 pm local time. Also, energy drinks, spicy food and upbeat music help 🙂

  7. I’m still here — drinking lots of tea, a quick bike ride to the grocery store and a nap about halfway through have helped – of course it is starting to get dark here in South Korea which doesn’t help now – time to get something to eat

  8. A few homemade Caramel/Vanilla Lattes and the fact that I’ve stayed up longer than 24 many times before, for stupid reasons.

    Staying up for this is a much better reason.

  9. Well, I cheated a little. I took a nap for about 1 1/2 hours or so and got my second wind. Plus I’ve been eating and staying hydrated. *gasp* I just remembered that I have soda! Must get soda!

  10. Started on the coffee a couple of hours ago, taking some frequent breaks, moving around, alternating reading with computer stuff… and yet I find myself nodding off a bit. Though I’m still hanging in there, like a kitten in tree!

  11. I started fading around 11pm, so I made a huge mug of Wake-Up Call coffee on my Keurig and I think it did the trick. Oh and lots of crunchy snacks–carrots, crackers, chips.

  12. Just finish a cup of coffee, and still going. Surprisingly so is the hubby. I’m getting tired though, but will continue. I should have taken a cat nap!

  13. I fell asleep for about an hour early on, but then I only had three or so hours of sleep the night from Friday to Saturday, so that is not too much of a surprise.

    As for staying awake — apart from light, fresh air, movement — the best thing ever is lavender (either in tea or as fragrance) – it calms, but in a refreshing way that helps you keep your eyes open, and paired with caffeine and plenty of water it works like a charm. A chat partner (hi, wilderthan!) to check in with and keep each other updated.

    And personally completely invaluable to men — a purring cat to warm my feet and be interested in my reading pursuits, see: 😀

  14. It’s getting harder, especially since I have to be quiet now, but I have been reading the entire time.

  15. Tea really helps. It’s a gentle dose of caffeine (relatively) so there is not as hard of a crash afterwords. Also I’m finally listening to music to help as well. Normally I can’t listen to music and read at the same time, but the busyness is all that’s keeping my brain awake at this point. I’m turning all the lights right now!

  16. Its 3 PM here, just reheated and ate lunch while reading!

    I think the shower helped majorly – just get an audio book (or read carefully) or whatever….
    Also had a proper few hours of sleep earlier cause I have to be in at work tomorrow 🙂

    – Dee from e-Volving Books

  17. Wondering if we can get a check-in post for everyone still participating? Would help as a cheerleader hit those who are still up rather than just pop around to a bunch of blogs where reader has gone sleepy?? Seems we did this a year ago and it worked pretty well?

    Just a thought… 🙂

  18. Been up the whole day, but I think California has a good time. I woke up just before 5 to make coffee and have been trying to convince my body all day that I woke up at the normal time. Right now, I’ve got the AC and all the lights on and am drinking iced coffee.

  19. I’m staying awake out of sheer determination. 🙂 Plus I’m eating, which keeps me awake because it’s tough to do while sleeping.

    (It doesn’t help with my grammar, which has been deteriorating for the past two hours).

  20. Swiss Cake Rolls. Coffee. Reading in a chilly screened-in porch with friends, listening to owls, crickets, and other unidentified critters.

  21. Sometimes I think I’m an insomniac because I often stay up quite late at night with almost no trouble. I’m really tired at the moment though and only managed to stay awake because I was so wrapped up in Seth Baumgartner’s Love Manifesto. That, and I took a 20 minute nap before I really started getting into it.

  22. Started Jeffrey Deaver’s latest book. Figured I needed a good mystery. Also at a bagel and cream cheese but realized I still needed 3 mini-Baby Ruths. Trying to go the distance. Getting a little weary.

  23. Confession….I haven’t been doing all that well in the staying awake category. But I have new resolve. My lights are on, my water is spiked with mint (sadly I can no longer consume caffeine *sadface*), my chair is uncomfortable. Time to read some BOOKS.

  24. I’m crocheting bookmarks while listening to an audio book. My eyes rebelled.

    Sleep sneak attacks at the oddest moments
    The world tilts you out of your seat
    The ground looses its grip on your feet
    Then clad in not but the sky’s adornments
    You slide into dream as long regiments
    Of text glide endlessly past your eyes
    On the flapping wings of dragon flies.

    by Joy Renee October 2009

    Read with joy!!

  25. I had several things keeping me awake:

    -Washing my face in cold water.
    -Plenty to drink.
    -After about fifteen hours, caffeine.
    -Having the window open.
    -Reading sitting up.
    -Switching between two books, to keep my interest up, though I only did that once.

  26. A couple of micro-naps got me through the first 20 hours and then I ventured out into the night in search of energy drinks and junk food, which I hope will be enough to carry me through the final 80 minutes. But to be safe, I’ve moved from the comfy couch to the still comfy, but less conducive to napping, desk chair.

  27. Aside from turning the bright lights on, not laying down is my biggest tip. I stayed awake in the recliner and curled in my giant chair, but as soon as I lay down? I’m asleep within minutes….

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