Hour 22

For your listening pleasure: Jesse’s Girl by Rick Springfield


For this hour’s mini challenge, Lindsey is hosting the Most Hated Challenge. Some characters just get under your skin. Head on over and tell Lindsey all about them.

If you’re still up and reading, leave a comment on this post letting us know. 5 winners will be chosen to receive their choice of a book prize pack.

Winners Announced

The winner of the Hungry for More? mini-challenge is Bekah from Bekah’s Bytes! You won your choice of 2 books or a 2 book prize pack!

Email us at deweyreadathon(at)gmail(dot)com with your prize choice and mailing address!

Still Ongoing

Reading Asanas

43 thoughts on “Hour 22”

  1. I’m still reading, although it’s morning here so I’ve just started back after a few hours sleep. Half-way through my second book.

  2. I am reading my latest copy of Entertainment Weekly at this stage. I can’t concentrate for more than a few paragraphs at the time!

    I did this last year and honestly thought I had figured out how to pace myself better for this one, but I guess not.

  3. Still up and reading here. Starting to get a bit tired, but it is still early in the evening here. I’ve been quite surprised that my reading rate has been so slow. Still, having fun.

  4. I am just barely holding on at this point, and keep dozing off. The falling book is what wakes me. I am actually enjoying my current read (I put down the last two), but may need to get up and move a bit to keep going.

  5. I’m also still up. I find myself having to take more breaks now. Might try walking around the room while reading (I used to walk to school while reading as a kid — surely I can still do it!)

  6. I’ve just finished Unthinkable, the graphic novel. Not sure how much more reading I can do because I’m going out for lunch in a couple of hours but I’m still holding on here.

  7. from 1 am until 5am I took a long nap =) So now I’m up and will try to finish my second book … I know I’m such a slow reader…

  8. Ok, I thought I would be asleep by now, but I’m still reading. I’m currently reading A Wrinkle in Time — never read it before, and I’m enjoying it so far…

  9. I’m ready to claw my eyes out. I did finish the book I was reading, wrote my Sunday Salon (ha) and now am going back to sleep for the last stretch!

  10. I had coffee at 3 and I’m still not tired! But I finished my book, which I did not anticipate doing, and now have nothing to read!

  11. Still awake, but barely. However, the yoga poses challenge helped me wake up a little bit! Trying now for a short story collection….one story at a time!

  12. I was just about done when I checked the hour 22 post. Jessie’s Girl was a great choice. I’m diving in for a bit more reading.

  13. I’m up (after sleeping) and reading some Neil Gaiman, and about to put the kettle on for a second cup of tea. Well done, everyone!

  14. Still reading…couch was too comfy to come and update but still going strong! Or maybe not so strong…::pushes to stay awake::

  15. I’m still reading, but then I had a four hour sleep, on my fourth book which will be finished before the end of the read-a-thon

  16. Still awake, loving the music choices. I just finished a book and am headed back to the stack to pick something for the last two hours.

  17. Wow. There are still quite a bunch of people up and about. I’m up – er.. semi? Haha! XD

    I’m alternating between reading, cheering and napping. This has been a wonderful ride so far~

    After a few more hours, it’ll be straight on to the next great journey. 😉


  18. Awwww, how perfect! My boyfriend’s name is Jesse, so this song ALWAYS makes me smile. Insta-Perks!

    Thanks and good luck to everyone powering through!

  19. I had to take a take a break and sleep for awhile because I’m working today, but I’m back for the end and still reading! 🙂

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