October 2009, readathon

Hour 22

Only 3 hours left guys! That’s 180 minutes! If you need some extra-special encouragement, leave a comment and I’ll send you an e-mail. 😉 For some general help staying awake, why don’t you “Shout” along with Otis Day and the Knights?

This hour, we don’t have any new mini-challenges. However, we have 5 winners from those who left comments on the readers of Hour 20:
Donna Shepard
Karin (Karin’s Book Nook)
Trish (Trish’s Book Nook)

And one more winner to announce: Memory won the mini-challenge at Libri Touches!

Congrats everyone: e-mail us about your prizes. 😀

As if that weren’t enough, we have another surprise drawing!!! This time, it’s of readers who are still awake, so leave a comment on this post letting us know you’re still out there and we’ll draw two winners during Hour 24 (so you have two hours to comment on THIS post.)

Still happening:
Memory’s Mini-Challenge (open until the end of this hour.)
Gail’s Mini-Challenge (open until the end of this hour.)

83 thoughts on “Hour 22”

  1. Still up.. 🙂

    Thats one 37 hour streak for me.. add to this a dinner I need to attend in the evening.. one helluva weekend 🙂

  2. Still awake, though I did just drop off there for about 10 minutes. Was going to give up and go to bed, but I’m going to make some tea and push through the last hours.

    I think I can, I think I can, I think I can!

  3. I’m still awake and reading, (although I don’t really count, seeing as I started late and this is only technically my 18th hour.)

  4. I am awake and reading. Not sure how much longer I will make it though! I just switched books to something lighter/easier, so hopefully that will help. Thanks for being such a great moderator!

  5. I don’t know if it counts since I slept for a few hours in the middle but I’ve been up and reading again and will be up to the end. Thanks for all your enthusiasm! 🙂

  6. I’m still here, but probably only for another 20-30 minutes. My reading has slowed down and I’m not sure I’m absorbing any of the words anymore!

  7. I don’t count because I went to sleep for a while but I just want to cheer on all of you still reading. I’m so impressed, well done!!

  8. still up. still reading. have 30 pages to finish my book then I’ll cheer for at least an hour.

    all you guys still at it, readers and cheerleaders alike are awesome.

    read for joy!!!

    those of you feeling like you’re fading, try deep belly breathing until you see lights before your eyes. about five times. it makes you dizzy for a moment so be careful but it the energy boost can last a good thirty minutes.

  9. Still awake and reading! Less than 100 pages until I finish my third book. Yipee! That should round off my reading for the Read-a-Thon!!

  10. I’m still awake, but my husband (who has been very patient and mostly unintrusive today) is dragging me to bed now. (I’m not nice when I mess with my sleep schedule too much.)

  11. I’m awake and reading… but I have slept! So that doesn’t count, right? I’m profoundly in awe of the people who haven’t slept at all yet!

  12. I’m loving these videos to watch…wonderful way to take a break from books, but not enough time to get sucked into TV shows.

    Okay time to power through until the end!!!

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