Hour 21: Ready for the Home Stretch?

Readathoners! We’re in the home stretch with only a few hours to gooo! (Unless you’re just joining us, in which case, yay! fresh blood!) Please say thank you and huggles to Anastasia for hosting the last four hours. I’m Tasha, a.k.a. heidenkind, from Truth Beauty Freedom and Books, and I’ll be taking us through to the end. Hooray!

squirrels + coffee

Fun fact: I used to the work the graveyard shift. Well, to be entirely accurate, I worked the graveyard shift for a week, which was more than enough. But! I learned some good tips on how to stay awake when you’re really really tired that I am more than happy to share with you now. Of course, it isn’t the middle of the night everywhere the Readathon is happening; so think of these more as tips to keep you going through the end of hour 24.

Tip 1: Keep drinking! After 2 A.M., coffee might make you jittery and might stop you from going to sleep after the Readathon is over. However, it is a good idea to drink a lot of water, tea, or eat fruit that’s high in water content, according to WebMD, because “dehydration causes fatigue,” not to mention bad skin.

Tip 2: Converse with the peoples Talking with people will keep your brain engaged and alert. If no one’s awake to talk to, try heading over to twitter and cheering on other Readathoners!

Tip 3: Alternate tasks Doing one thing for a long time can also cause fatigue. If you’re nodding off over your book, try doing something else! May I suggest some lovely mini-challenges?



Reading Zombies–Who’s hosting this challenge? Oh, it’s me, what a coincidence!
“Zombify” one of your Readathon books in the style of Pride & Prejudice & Zombies by editing the cover art or writing a zombified adaptation synopsis.


Winners Announced

Our Reading for Charity winners are:

Jancy Gortney

Mineola Memorial Library




Thank you all so much for using your reading to donate to a worthy cause!


The winners for the Can You Sing Challenge are:

1) book: Cessie from
2) postcard: Kristilyn from
3) postcard: Laura Ashlee from

If you won a postcard, please contact India via her blog! If you won a book, you can pick one from India’s prize page OR the Readathon’s prize page.


Chose your prizes from the list and then e-mail your choices and snail mail addy to deweyreadathon at gmail dot com


Still On-Going

Yoga Mini-Challenge
Pet-Love Mini-Challenge

23 thoughts on “Hour 21: Ready for the Home Stretch?”

  1. Have fun hosting the readathon!
    And Wow, I won a prize 😀
    Love your tips, so true. I’m eating loads of fruit this readathon. And I’m loving the challenges!
    The graveyard shifts sound interesting, yet tough.
    Happy readathon!

  2. Love that pic! Tasha, I worked third shift when my boys were really little…I’m talking not even toddlers yet! I only worked 2-3 shifts per week, but I was also going to school and it almost killed me! I couldn’t sleep when I got home because of the babies and I felt like I could never catch up. Never, never again! However, I will do it for a read-a-thon. Plus, the boys are old enough to fend for themselves…sort of. 🙂

    Thanks for hosting for the end! I’m off to mini-challenge!

  3. It really IS a horrible shift. I’m a serious night owl and I couldn’t handle it. Thank god it was only week, because I was ready to quit by the end.

  4. I worked graveyard shift all during college and if I could get a normalish job that was safe and during graveyard shift, I would take it in a heartbeat. I love working during the night when all else is quiet and at peace with the world. I always say “Night Time is My Time.”

  5. Love the pic for this hour. This is the first real all-nighter I have ever pulled and right now I am having mixed feelings about it. 😛 do any of the “old-timers” have advice on recovery from this awesome reading experience?

  6. Woah! Third time is a charm. I just wanted to get my charities name out there. Please feel free to select another winner. I like to share the read-a-thon joy.


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