April 2016

Hour 21 – Shakespeare Week

FYI (24)

This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook and I will be your cohost for the remainder of this event! Let me tell you a bit about me. I am 27 and live in Nor-Cal (Northern California). I am a cross stitching addict and I have no intention of entering recovery. I also love quilting and am in the middle of 4 projects with a fifth planned. This is only noteworthy because I only learned how to quilt last spring.

This year, I had family from out of the country come and visit. This includes my adorable 16 month old nephew. So needless to say, I didn’t get much reading done. I did read him Goodnight Moon… I had a lot of fun today, but I will have to make up the reading portion on another day.

I want to take a moment and thank all of the wonderful people who have signed up and done some cheerleading today. You all are like a breath of fresh air. Just when one is beginning to get tired and weary and it seems like you might want to quit, you pop up with a word of encouragement. So thank you for taking a bit of your time and doing that today.

Random Shakespeare Fact of the Hour

Anyone who has ever made these late night hours knows that I love to include random facts of the hour. Its just what I do. Sort of like a tradition I have with you, the participants. This has been Shakespeare’s week, so I thought that this year, I would do random facts about Shakespeare. So here is a random fact for this hour:

Abraham Lincoln had three books on his desk. One of those books was the works of William Shakespeare. Random fact from Folger.edu.


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3 thoughts on “Hour 21 – Shakespeare Week”

  1. I have a friend, a high school English teacher, who decided to cohost a Tupperware party with me. She chose the date based on Romeo and Juliet. We had a “Juliet’s Birthday Tupperware Party.” (Sorry, I’m loopy and that’s my Shakespeare story.

  2. Oh, well, I can’t seem to post my perfect day to Goodreads. So here it goes. Blue skies, low 70’s, sitting on the deck, listening to the waves in the distance, drinking homemade mint lemonade.

  3. Sorry you couldn’t post it on Goodreads. Your perfect day sounds wonderful!!! And homemade mint lemonade sounds amazing!!! So refreshing.

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