October 2012, readathon

Hour 21 – Dancing the Hour Away

This is Kate from Kate’s Book Nook and I will be your cohost for the rest of the readathon! I think it is time to follow Tom Cruise’s example and get up and dance to whatever random tune makes you want to shake your groove thing! If you did this, please link me the song you choose to use. How are you doing on energy? Is it starting to get difficult to get  your eyes to stay open? Put on an upbeat song and dance like no one is watching you. This will get your heart rate up and will shake out your tired legs. Might get you through till the end!

Again, I want to thank our wonderful cheerleaders who are still cheering us on. You guys are great!

Random Fact of the Hour:

The name Wendy was made up for the book -“Peter Pan”.

Did anyone else know that? Because I really thought that was a legit name until I read that random fact. I think people who make up words or names that then become commonplace (like this or like Shakespeare) are so brilliant and creative. Everything I come up with sounds silly. Is there anything that has sprung into your mind as a cool made up name? If so, share it with us!



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Winner’s Announced:

Vicky @ Books, Biscuits, and Tea

Emma @ Writer In A Wheelchair

Melanie @ Bookaholic’s Bookcase

Mervi @ Mervi’s Book Reviews


Now that you have caught up on the news of the hour, go back to your books! There is still four hours of reading left!

16 thoughts on “Hour 21 – Dancing the Hour Away”

  1. I’d wake too many sleepers if I dance in the house. I think I’ll head out to the yard with my iPhone and earbuds and scare the trapped raccoon.

  2. @Caro – I like to add something unique to my hours. I am an absolute dork for random facts so I thought I would share some!

  3. OMG I can’t freaking believe it! I didn’t know about Wendy. I really liked Wendy when I was a kid and I still really like the name, but I had no idea it haven’t existed before Peter Pan. Super awesome! My knowledge is getting bigger! 😀 😀
    Happy readathon! 😀

  4. @nea barabea – Glad to help increase your knowledge. I totally thought the name Wendy had been around longer. It sounds like it should have been.

  5. Loving your random facts and I also, did not know that about the name Wendy! And what a baby Tom Cruise is in that movie-which I have never seen. Sadly, there is no loud music or jumping around going on at my house–my two little Grandy’s arrived from out of town for a weeks visit at midnight and then pregnant mommy and daddy needed to zip to the emergency room as soon as they dropped both girls into bed—I am sure Mama is fine, but you can not be too careful when one is pregnant. Anyway-the girls often have a hard time sleeping here their first night and since they are asleep, I am not risking waking them up! 🙂

  6. Hooray for random facts! I actually have a friend who is writing her senior thesis on peter pan I shall have to relay this to her.
    3 more hours…lets do this thing!

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