Hour 21

Everyone still going strong? Here’s Billie Jean by Michael Jackson


For this hour’s mini challenge, Tara is hosting Reading Asanas. Head on over and get your yoga on!

Winners Announced

Want some surprise winners? These two cheerleaders have been randomly chosen to each win their choice of a prize pack:

The 5 random commenters selected from the Readers of Hour 20 and winning their choice of 1 book are:

Please email us at deweyreadathon(at)gmail(dot)com with your prize choice and mailing address!

Still Ongoing


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20 thoughts on “Hour 21”

  1. Thanks so much for hosting this read-a-thon and thanks to all the cheerleaders who left comments throughout the day! I had fun reading, knowing that there were hundreds of others out there doing the same! However, I’m quickly fading and might not make it through to the end, so I wanted to be sure to leave a comment to thank you all. Happy reading, everyone!

  2. I fell asleep for 20 minutes and I think that’s my sign. G’luck with the rest of the readathon, I’m off to sleep. Maybe I’ll get lucky and still win one of the ongoing challenges. 🙂

  3. I don’t know about anyone else’s time schedule, but according to my calculations, my 24 hours are up in 5 minutes.

    I only read 5 books, which I am a little disappointed in. But I had company this afternoon for about 90 minutes and I had my kids and husband home all day. I hope next time I do this I can clear everyone out for the 24 hour reading time.

    I blogged throughout the day, kept it all in one long post with updates. Posted at the start and then at the end of each book. Feel free to drop by and see what I read!

    I hope everyone else had as much fun as I did. I look forward to doing this again!

  4. I’m still at it and loving the yoga mini challenge! About to take a break from reading and head out for a night time driving lesson with my dad, though.

  5. Woohoo! Thanks so much for picking me as a random cheerleader winner! I’ve picked out my prize pack. What a nice bonus. Hope you are all resting this Sunday.

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