Hour 20

Go read-a-thoners! We’re almost almost there! If you’ve made it this far, you can make it to the end. You know you do!

If you’re feeling tired, get up and stretch, take a walk, or, like Jennifer was doing, chew some gum! You never know what’ll work.

We’d like to ask those of you who have participated in all four read-a-thons to leave us a comment in this post. You’ll be entered to win a box of 14 new releases donated by Hachette. Check the list of prizes to see what’s included.

The winners of  the hour 19 readers of the hour mini-challenge  are:


Congratulations, guys! Please e-mail Hannah at wordlily AT gmail to claim your prizes.

Still happening:
Debbie’s mini-challenge (open until the end of the read-a-thon)
Jessica’s mini-challenge (this is the last hour for this mini-challenge)
Vote for the winner of Kim’s  comic mini-challenge

13 thoughts on “Hour 20”

  1. Shake Shake Shake Shake-a Shake It.

    I’m leaving you comments here, Nymeth, since you’re not blogging. Just wanted to tell you that you Rock! (wanna pass me an award???) 😀

    Getting loopy…

  2. You rock yourself 😀 And it’s that you should be attempting to corrupt 😛

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  3. I’ve kinda participated in all of the read-a-thons, but not officially…I remember my first read-a-thon…it was Dewey’s first and I decided I’d just read along for fun but probably only read for about 8 hours and Dewey kept coming to my blog and telling me to enter for prizes even though I wasn’t officially participating…That’s how I met her. Such a kind, welcoming heart. Don’t enter me for this drawing though..I want it to go to someone who’s actually registered for all four. Goodnight Nymeth, you’ve done such a great job. (((hugs)))

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