October 2011

Hour 20: You’re nearly done now!

It’s now Hour 20 and thus my last hour as cohost. πŸ™ This is just as sad as it was last year! And I know y’all much be devastated, too. So how about something to cheer us up, eh?

I’ve seriously been listening to this song for three days now. It’s pretty much burned into my brain/soul/heart/etc. Woohoo!

Only four hours to go (not including this one, obviously)! Keep on doing what you’re doing! I’m going to read for a bit and then pass out, I think. This is the latest I’ve stayed up since May! Is the sky supposed to be that color?


Jehara is hosting the Yoga mini-challenge now. Yoga! I’ve never done it. It sounds fun, though.


Five– that’s right, five– random readathon readers have won prizes! They are:

Congratulations! Pick your prize and send your choice and shipping information to deweyreadathon @ gmail . com.

Still Ongoing

Pet Love mini-challenge

Hands Up!

It’s that time of the readathon that things start to lag a bit, both for readers and cheerleaders. All y’all who are still reading and would love a cheerleader to prop you up a bit– leave a link in the Mr Linky below.

18 thoughts on “Hour 20: You’re nearly done now!”

  1. Ugghhh tired >.< Must…keep…reading

    I'm at that stage of tiredness where everything is a bit *too* hilarious. For example: In this book, there's an evil vampire called Brandon. My brain keeps changing it to Brendon (as in P!ATD Brendon) and I find this funny….

  2. I have a roommate who won’t get off the phone which is making it really hard to concentrate…so I’ve made it to hour 20 but it’s almost impossible to read…any suggestions? It’s 3AM and she isn’t showing any signs of slowing down…and it’s too cold to read on my front porch. (I’ve tried)

  3. Congrats to everyone still hanging in there!

    Yawns are getting more frequent…I think it’s time for some hot chocolate

  4. Well I’m off to bed, I hope everyone enjoys the last four hours of the read-a-thon. Thank you to all the great hosts and cheerleaders! Can’t wait to do this again in April. πŸ™‚

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