April 2013, readathon

Hour 20 – The Gift of Gigglesnorts

Andi again! Still! Yes! You’ll be rid of me soon. This is my last hour, in fact, but I thank you sooooo much for having me. From Heather and myself, we also thank you for taking the time out of your days to participate in the Read-a-Thon!!!! There is a crazy-ton of work that goes into it behind the scenes, but it is SO COOL to honor Dewey and to see so many bloggers have a blast together!

The ever-fabulous Kate will be taking over here soon, but I wanted to leave you with a serious case of the gigglesnorts. You’ll see what I mean…

I just… I don’t… What can one say??? Besides *gigglesnort*


What have you found most amusing today? Was it a challenge? A co-host post? Interactions with your fellow readers or cheerleaders?

What’s keeping you going? 



Mini Challenges

Crazy Comma Momma presents the Haiku Challenge!

Still Ongoing

Sami presents Picture Break

Stacy presents Cover Me

Winners Announced – E-mail deweyreadathon@gmail.com to claim a prize from the Prize Page!

Kai from Fiction State of Mind!

Sandra @shedyourlove

Cheerleader Winner


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20 thoughts on “Hour 20 – The Gift of Gigglesnorts”

  1. I loved seeing all of the great ideas for mini-challenges this year. Also I’m still laughing at the Jane Austen rap video. Thank you for hosting Andi, you are so fantastic!

  2. Right now the only things keeping me going are sheer determination and my 4th cup of coffee. Lots of fun, amusing memories today. I enjoyed the cookie monster video and the book spine picture challenges too. Thanks for all your hard work!

  3. What is keeping me going is getting to the end. I got close a couple of years ago, but didn’t make. I think I can do it. The amount of caffeine that I have had in the last few hours is helping.

  4. Wonderful to have you perpetualspiral! Good memories, laughs, books, and caffeine are the keys. 😉

  5. This is my fifth readathon but the first time I’ve done any of the mini-challenges. They are so fun and creative and help give you that boost and encouragement to keep reading.

    Thanks for hosting, Andi!

  6. That was funny! I think it was hard to cheer, read and host a mini challenge. I feel like I hit strides with reading once I was done with the cheering and mini challenge. I’m surprised I’m still awake honestly. But I just ate a snack – cheese, dark chocolate espresso beans and chai tea.

  7. Thanks for being with us, Lucy! The mini-challenges really are spectacular. I’m glad you got to enjoy some of them this time around. 😀

  8. Kristen, same here! It’s always super busy for us early in the day (getting everything and everyone settled) and then whenever we host a mini-challenge or co-host, etc. I had some good reading time mid-day. When I was really awake! Now I’m just floating on an adrenaline cloud. lol

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