October 2014

Hour 20 – Read, Honey…More More More!

Andi from Estella’s Revenge back for my final hosting hour! How are we doing? Sipping a refreshing beverage? Nibbling to stay awake? Taking a walk around the house/block/back yard? All of those things are fair game for keeping us awake. Heck, I even resorted to a cold shower!

But the bottom line is…


Heck yeah! Let’s do this! You’re heading into the final stretch, and Kate will be with you to round it all out!

Keep on keeping on! Maybe Billy Idol can perk y’all up with leather and 80s hair! More! More! More!


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11 thoughts on “Hour 20 – Read, Honey…More More More!”

  1. This was recommended on one of the GR threads, but if you don’t have time for/don’t want to commit a full-on shower, washing your face works wonders for waking you up!

  2. Good point! So far chair dancing seems to be doing the trick, but I may resort to face splashing when I get back to my book. lol

  3. I saw that GIF and it was looooove. Especially since I loved that (guilty pleasure) season of Real Housewives! LOL

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