April 2015, readathon

Hour 20 – Break for Laughter!

IT’S HOUR 20!!!!! We’re so close to the finish line! How are you doing? Need a drink? Snack? A break to stretch? Some laughter to wake you up?

It’s me, Andi, back for the last time this Readathon (awwww!). When I’m weary I find that a good laugh can help me recharge, and I often look for that quick fix in a favorite movie like Steel Magnolias. It has some of the same qualities I look for in a great book: humor and heart!

This past week I took a short, fun quiz to find out which Steel Magnolia I am, and NO SURPRISE….Ouiser! A little sassy, a little cranky. Anyway, it gave me a laugh, so I hope it gives you one, too!


Now, tell me, what’s one of your all-time favorite, make-you-laugh-out-loud movies? Books adapted to film, perhaps? 


Draw It Out

Still Going

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5 thoughts on “Hour 20 – Break for Laughter!”

  1. Ouiser is totally my spirit animal. Steel Magnolias is a great combo of laughter and tears. I think my favorite comedy (at least top 3) is Blazing Saddles. It’s just so ridiculous. And Madeline Kahn is hilarious and a total fox.

  2. Everyone who’s still awake is a damn trooper. Congratulations everyone on making it so far!! I took a lot of unexpected naps, so I think I might make it to hour 24; it’d be a shame to get this close and not see the thing through to the end!

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