Hour 20

Alright everyone – we are out of the teens and heading into the final hours!  You all Rock!!

Anyone feeling punchy?  Like this little guy?




Movie Madness: JD Montague (also hosting Character Crush) wants to hear about books that you think should be made into movies!

Bookish Humor Wolf Reads is hosting this challenge and asks to you to post a link to a funny cartoon, joke etc – everyone needs a little humor as the night drags on


Winners Announced


Our “Still Reading” winner is Literary Marie

Our random winner of the hour is Uniflame

Congratulations ! Pick a prize from the prize list and email your choice to Vasilly at 1330vblog at gmail.


The winner of Story Sequels (hosted by Chick Loves Lit) is Abigailann  – check out her creation at

Still Ongoing

Classics Paranormal Mashup

Character Crush


Don’t forget to add your completed books to the master list!

27 thoughts on “Hour 20”

  1. I’m basically at the point now where I read for 5 minutes and then surf for 10 just to stay awake..hahaha!

    Bed soon for me. Good luck to everyone!

  2. Wow, only four more hours to go!! Wow! Here’s hoping that those who are in a different timezone would keep awake during this time to complete the readathon. =) It’s 3:15 pm where I am so shouldn’t be a problem. I’ve read all 15 BOOKS (out of 16 in my list for this challenge) so far. Yay!

  3. hello fellow diehards! We are still hanging in there too–but are starting to find it harder to stay awake. We will check back in an hour–unfortunately I don’t have the eye power left for a blog update, or the brain activity required to participate in a mini-challenge. 🙂

  4. That baby ROCKS. (And what does it say about my mental state when I was giggling like a fiend watching it?!?)

    To everyone who was having trouble commenting at my blog, I’m so sorry :(…but it should be all fixed up now and you should be able to comment without worries.

  5. That baby’s laugh is contagious. Or am I delirious? I might be delirious. I can’t believe I’m still awake… Huzzah!

  6. waaaay too tired to do that much thinking for the movie challenge!
    joke is cute but doesn’t show as blogger needs to approve it 🙂
    sooo not looking like any win on this end after all … did gave it my best 1st timer’s participation with all the mini challenges ! and cheerleading as needed- FuN!

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