Hour 20

For those of you who want a ten or so minute break, I think that this might interest you. It’s a good mental break. If you get bored, skip it, but I think you might love it. If you don’t wanna spend ten minutes, or get bored in the middle, FF to 7:50. You’ll be inspired. At least I hope you will.

Now, you try that. Get your robot on. C’mon. Nobody’s watching!


The Memoir/True Story Challenge at Rainy Day Reviews
Do you read memoirs and true stories?

Winners Announced

Random commenter from the Halloween books post: Nolatari Email us with a prize you’d like and your mailing address!

Winner of the Poetry Angst! Mini Challenge is nfmgirl. You are being contacted by the challenge hosts!

Still Ongoing

Pitch Your Book
Nonfiction Readathon

15 thoughts on “Hour 20”

  1. I’m doing alright, but if I lay down on the couch, I’ll be a goner for sure! I’ll try and prop myself up to get through the next few books.

    Where’s that third wind when I need it?

  2. I think I’m okay for now. My body is used to being up this late and getting over waking up so early. I’m still hoping to make another five hours.

    And I totally wish I could dance! Not even like that. Just… at all. 🙂

  3. This is ridiculously insane that I’m still awake… I hope I can catch up on sleep tomorrow…. I keep telling myself I just have to finish this book…..

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